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Airbnb Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Airbnb Insurance?

Offering short-term rentals through Airbnb can be an effective way to generate additional income, but this type of work comes with certain risks. Homeowners and other property owners who have places listed on the platform are potentially exposed to both property and liability perils, and possibly some other perils as well. Airbnb insurance policies protect against a variety of risks that Massachusetts homeowners who list places on Airbnb face.

Airbnb insurance policies are specialized commercial insurance policies that have been designed specifically for Airbnb hosts and other short-term landlords. Most of these policies are underwritten as package policies, which means they bundle several coverages together in order to offer an array of protections.

Is Your Business Protected?

Who in Massachusetts is Airbnb Host Insurance Right For?

The vast majority of people and businesses who list Massachusetts properties on Airbnb ought to consider carrying Airbnb host insurance. Few people or businesses in this space are free from risk, and this generally is the most appropriate type of insurance for people who list accommodations. 

The following are only a few examples of people and businesses that might need this insurance:

  • Homeowners who rent out their entire house occasionally
  • Homeowners who rent out part of their house frequently
  • Property owners who rent out a vacation property at times
  • Property owners who rent out a space or cabin for camping
  • Businesses that regularly list properties on the platform

For property owners who have long-term tenants, this insurance may not be the best available choice. While some of the coverages included in an Airbnb host insurance policy might be beneficial for more traditional landlords, these policies may not provide all the protections that a traditional leasing situation requires. Instead, a landlord policy is often more appropriate in this type of situation.

Anyone who’s unsure whether this insurance is necessary or appropriate should speak with an insurance agent who specializes in covering short-term rental properties. Such an agent will know what protections Airbnb host policies typically provide and can help determine whether those protections adequately meet a property owner’s risk mitigation needs.

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Can Property Owners Get Insurance from Airbnb Itself?

Airbnb generally gives property owners two forms of protection when they rent out a space through the platform. Both of these are usually offered automatically and at no additional cost when a place is booked.

The Host Guest Guarantee isn’t technically insurance, but it offers some reassurances nonetheless. Through the program, hosts may be able to recoup losses up to $1 million that associated with guest-caused damage. For example, the program may pay to replace furniture guests ruin during their stay.

There are, however, several notable exceptions to the Host Guest Guarantee. Generally speaking, the guaranteed excludes:

  • Many valuable items, like collectibles, artwork, jewelry, antiques, etc.
  • Some types of damage, like damage caused by pets or normal wear
  • Some areas, like common areas that aren’t noted in the listing

The Host Protection Insurance offered is a kind of insurance product. This usually gives hosts protection in the event that a third party is injured or has property damaged, and the host is held responsible. For instance, this insurance might cover medical costs associated with a common slip-and-fall accident that takes place within a rented space. 

As is true with most insurance products, there are terms and conditions that dictate exactly what the Host Protection Insurance Covers. For instance, the insurance is limited to only $1 million worth of protection -- which may sound like a lot but could be insufficient if there’s a fatal accident during a guest’s stay. Additionally, the insurance usually doesn’t cover income hosts might lose after a disaster.

Can Hosts Get Their Own Airbnb Host Insurance?

For better protection, many people and businesses who rent out spaces on Airbnb may want to purchase their own Airbnb host insurance. Privately purchased insurance can often be adapted so it comes with more protections than the standard ones that Airbnb offers.

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How Can Homeowners in Massachusetts Get Airbnb Insurance?

For help finding Airbnb insurance, contact the independent insurance agents at Roger Butler Insurance. Our Massachusetts agents are able to show you policy options from several insurers, and they have the knowledge needed to help you select the best available one.

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