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Assault and Battery Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Assault and Battery Insurance?

While people who are involved in physical confrontations might be held responsible for any injuries they inflict on others, they aren’t always the only ones who are held liable for these incidents. Sometimes, businesses are also found responsible and ordered to compensate those who were injured. Assault and battery insurance policies help protect businesses in Massachusetts from this potential risk.

Assault and battery insurance policies are specialized commercial liability policies. As a liability coverage, these policies typically help pay legal fees, settlements and judgements arising from covered claims. In many cases, policies will begin paying for covered claims as soon as the claim is filed and before responsibility is ultimately determined.

Is Your Business Protected?

What Massachusetts Businesses is an Assault and Battery Policy Right For?

As noted, there are many different businesses in Massachusetts that could benefit from having an assault and battery policy in their insurance portfolio. In addition to the aforementioned bars, security companies, nightclubs and restaurants, some other businesses that might want this type of policy include:

  • Live entertainment venues
  • Dance clubs
  • Festival hosts
  • Private investigators
  • Bounty hunters
  • Bodyguards

An insurance agent who’s familiar with these policies can help business owners determine whether purchasing a policy makes sense for their business.

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Why Can Businesses Be Held Liable for Confrontations Between Individuals?

Businesses aren’t automatically held responsible for every confrontation that occurs on their premises, but there are some situations in which a business might be held partially liable.

First, businesses that employ security personnel might be held responsible for injuries that their employees inflict during a confrontation with a customer or someone else. If the employee is fulfilling work-related duties when confronting a person, the employee is acting in the interest of their employer and their employer often could be liable for what transpires. This may be a concern for businesses that have bouncers or security guards, as well as any business that has an employee who might have to address an unruly customer.

Second, businesses that provide adult beverages might be held responsible if intoxicated customers do something inappropriate. If a customer becomes so drunk that they threaten or assault someone else, a business could potentially be found liable because they let the customer become so intoxicated. This is a common concern for bars, nightclubs and restaurants that serve large amounts of alcohol.

Third, lots of businesses could have an opportunistic attorney file an assault and battery lawsuit against them. Because businesses often have substantial assets, they’re occasionally targets for opportunistic lawsuits, and those lawsuits can come in the form of an assault and/or battery charge.

Are Assault and Battery Policies Expensive?

Assault and battery policies are generally affordable, especially when their premiums are compared to the potential cost of a liability lawsuit. Businesses that need other coverages in addition to this (which includes most businesses) can often save money by bundling assault and battery protection into a multi-coverage package policy.

For help determining exactly how much a business will need to pay for coverage, owners should talk with an independent agent. An independent agent has the freedom to compare rates from multiple insurance companies, so they can show business owners how much different insurers will charge for a policy.

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How Can Businesses in Massachusetts Get Assault and Battery Insurance?

For help finding assault and battery insurance, contact the independent insurance agents at Roger Butler Insurance. Our agents have assisted many Massachusetts businesses with this coverage, and we’re ready to help you find an assault and battery policy that’s right for your business.

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