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ATV Insurance in Massachusetts

What is ATV Insurance?

There are many Massachusetts residents who use ATVs for recreational and/or practical purposes. Those who ride these non-road vehicles assume a certain level of risk when they get on the machines. ATV insurance policies don’t prevent accidents -- that’s what safe riding practices are for -- but they may help riders survive the financial consequences of covered incidents.

ATV insurance is a specialized form of personal insurance that’s uniquely designed to offer the protections that ATV owners need. Most policies come as package policies that offer a variety of coverages, and riders can usually adjust the coverages within a policy to suit their particular situation.


Who in Massachusetts Needs an ATV Policy?

Most ATV owners in Massachusetts should carry insurance for their off-road vehicles, for not having coverage leaves frequently leaves a rider dangerously and unnecessarily exposed to risk. Many riders would struggle to replace their ATV if it were totaled, and even those who have the financial resources to purchase a new one still could face an extremely expensive liability lawsuit if they’re involved in an accident. A well-designed ATV policy may protect against both these risks.

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What Coverages Do ATV Policies Come With?

Since ATV owners often can adjust a policy’s specific coverages to suit their situation, the coverages included in ATV policies can vary. Nonetheless, there are several coverages that many policies make available as either standard or optional protections:

  • Comprehensive and Collision Coverage, which often covers damage sustained by the insured ATV
  • Accessories Coverage, which often extends protection to safety gear, a trailer and aftermarket parts
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage, which often covers damage caused to other people’s property
  • Personal Injury Protection, which often covers injuries sustained by people on the insured ATV
  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage, which often covers injuries caused to people no on the insured ATV
  • Underinsured and Uninsured Motorist Coverage, which often covers accidents caused by non-insured individuals

Selecting the right combination of coverages requires careful consideration of an individual rider’s situation and needs. Riders who need help with this process should seek the advice of an insurance agent who knows these policies and can review their particular situation.

Should ATVs Be Covered While Stored for Winter?

Riders who store their ATVs for the winter months sometimes consider canceling coverage during this time of year in order to save on insurance premiums. While the motivation to save on premiums is very understandable, completely canceling coverage may not be a wise idea.

Canceling coverage altogether usually creates a gap in protection. This gap often leaves an ATV unprotected if it’s damaged while in storage, and sometimes the gap will even lead to higher insurance rates in the future.

Rather than fully canceling coverage, riders are frequently better off adjusting the coverage in their policy. Reducing coverages for the winter lets riders save on their insurance premiums without exposing their off-road vehicle to unnecessary risk or potentially being assessed higher premiums in the future.

Of course, riders who utilize this strategy should reinstate their full slate of coverages before getting their ATV out for the first time in the spring. A knowledgeable agent can help with making the appropriate changes.

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How Can ATV Owners in Massachusetts Get ATV Insurance?

For help insuring your ATV, contact the independent insurance agents at Roger Butler Insurance. Our agents have helped many ATV owners in Massachusetts find ATV insurance policies that have the coverages they need, and we’re ready to assist you too. Because we’re an independent agency, you can trust us to recommend the best available policy regardless of what insurance company underwrites it.

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