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Bar Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Bar Insurance?

Running a bar or similar establishment in Massachusetts requires a sizeable investment, and the resources invested should be protected when possible. Bar insurance helps protect these establishments from a range of potential risks.

Bar insurance is a specialized form of commercial insurance that has been uniquely crafted to meet the needs of bars and other establishments that primarily serve adult beverages. Most policies are package policies, meaning they contain several individual coverages within them.

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What Massachusetts Establishments Need Tavern Insurance?

Many Massachusetts establishments that serve adult beverages can benefit from the protections that tavern insurance affords. For instance, bars, taverns and pubs might all want this type of insurance.

In some cases, however, businesses serve adult beverages but are better suited with a slightly different type of insurance. Restaurants, nightclubs and breweries may all have insurance needs that are similar to bars, but insurance companies frequently offer slightly different policies that are more tailored to these businesses’ coverage needs.

An insurance agent who specializes in tavern insurance can help determine whether this or another type of insurance is better for a particular business. A specialized agent will know what risks tavern policies commonly protect against, and they can evaluate whether those line up with a specific business’ risk exposure.

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What Coverages Does Tavern Insurance Offer?

As mentioned, tavern insurance policies usually make multiple coverages available. Some of the more commonly selected ones include:

In addition to these, policies might offer cyber liability, business interruption or any number of other protections. The exact coverages that are available frequently vary from policy to policy.

Do Bars Need Workers Compensation Coverage?

Most bars and similar establishments in Massachusetts have employees and are required by state law to carry workers compensation coverage. Workers compensation normally insures against on-the-job injuries and illnesses that employees could suffer.

Workers compensation, however, usually isn’t purchased within a tavern policy. Instead, the coverage is often purchased through a separate policy that focuses on this specific protection. Insurance agents who assist with tavern policies normally can also help with workers compensation policies.

How Much Do Bar Policies Cost?

Insurance companies look at many different factors when setting rates for bar policies. An establishment’s location, size, customers served and past claims history are just a few of the items that might influence how much a policy costs.

Despite the variance in policies’ premiums, insurance tends to be quite affordable. It’s almost certainly affordable when compared to the potential price of recovering from a major disaster or lawsuit with no coverage offering protection.

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How Can Establishments Get Bar Insurance?

For help insuring a bar or similar establishment that’s in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at Roger Butler Insurance. Our agents have worked with many bars in the state, and they have the expertise necessary to help you find a bar insurance policy that has the coverages your establishment needs. Since we’re an independent insurance agency, our agents are able to recommend whatever policy is best regardless of the insurance company offering it.

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