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Is a Homeowners Insurance Policy Right for a Duplex in Chester, MA?

Insuring a duplex is a little more complicated than insuring either your home or a rental property. If you own a duplex in Chester, Massachusetts, whether you need landlords or homeowners insurance will depend on the particulars of your situation. Here are four common scenarios, and the type of insurance that’s usually appropriate for each scenario. (There are exceptions to the insurance guidelines listed below, so you should check with an insurance agent to see what your specific situation calls for).


Workers Compensation Insurance in Westfield: You Want Claims

Most businesses in Massachusetts that have employees also have workers compensation insurance, and employees usually file claims against their employer’s workers compensation policy if they’re ever injured while working. There is, however, a reason why an injured employee might decline to file a claim. If one of your employees decides not to file a claim, it may not be good news for your Westfield business.


Your Russell Homeowners Insurance Lapsed? Contact Your Mortgage Company

Mortgage underwriters usually require homeowners to maintain a homeowners insurance policy.  Sometimes, however, homeowners let their insurance coverage lapse. If you’ve let the homeowners policy that insures your Russell, MA home lapse, your mortgage company may have gone ahead and purchased insurance for your house without you realizing they did so.


2 Questions to Ask Your Otis Homeowners Insurance Agent

When comparing quotes on homeowners insurance, most of the time is usually spent examining coverages, checking limits, reading through conditions and looking up premiums. If you're searching for a new homeowner policy, many of the discussions you have with your insurance agent will be related to these items, and they should be. After all, your policy’s coverages, limits and conditions determine how well you’re protected, and its premiums are how much you pay. These items, however, aren’t all you should ask your Otis insurance agent about when looking for a homeowners policy. Here are two other questions that you ought to ask before selecting a homeowners policy.


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