Make Sure to Check Your Contractors Insurance Before Working Pro Bono

Most people enjoy helping charities, especially when they’re asked to utilize specialized skills they have. Before performing any free work for a charity in or around Tolland, MA, however, contractors in the area should first review their contractors insurance policy.

Contractors Insurance Tolland, MA

Before Doing Free Work for a Tolland, MA Charity, Check Your Contractors Insurance

Some Contractors Insurance Policies Only Cover Certain Classes of Work

Contractors insurance policies generally separate the work contractors do into different classes. For instance, work done on industrial buildings, non-residential buildings, and single-family homes might be segregated into three different classes. Similarly, excavation, demolition, electrical, masonry, painting, plastering, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, and specialized work may each have their own class.

Insurers use these different classes to more accurately assess the amount of risk associated with a contractor’s particular trade. An electrician and excavator, for instance, are exposed to different potential perils. Therefore, an insurer will place each of them in a different class, offering them coverages and charging them premiums based on the risks of their particular class.

Is Your Business Protected?

Because contractors policies are often class-specific, many don’t provide coverage for other classes of work. Some policies outright exclude incidents that occur while doing work outside of the class the policy is designed for, and even those that do cover other types of work often don’t have the contractors liability insurance and other coverages that contractors engaging in those other kinds of work need.

Thus, a contractor may not be fully covered when volunteering for a charity in Tolland, MA. Even if they’re asked to perform specialized work that they do every day (and are insured for), they might also be asked to do work outside of their insurance policy’s class. A charity may not understand a contractor’s insurance situation and ask them to do more than they’re insured for. Alternatively, a contractor might be brought on for a specific task that they are insured for -- but then asked by someone to assist with another task that they aren’t covered for. Taking on any of these requests could leave a contractor unprotected.

Contractors Insurance Tolland, MA

Volunteering Without Insurance Coverage Can Pose Multiple Risks

If a contractor volunteers without being fully insured, they may be assuming several risks. If they:

  • Are injured, they may be responsible for any resulting medical bills or lost income

  • Injure someone else, they may be held liable for the injured person’s medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost income

  • Make an error while providing a professional opinion, they might be held liable for any property damage or injuries caused by the mistake 

Start The Conversation!

Have an Agent in Tolland, MA Check Your Coverage Options

If you’re interested in doing volunteer work for a Tolland, MA charity, have an independent insurance agent review your insurance options before you begin doing work. They may be able to help you find the contractors liability insurance and other coverages you need by:

  • Adjusting your contractors insurance policy so it covers occasional volunteer work (including work outside your policy’s normal class)

  • Checking whether your medical and disability insurance policies would cover any injuries you suffer while volunteering

  • Asking whether the charity’s insurance policy would cover you while you’re volunteering

  • Adding an endorsement to your contractors liability insurance coverage or another coverage in your policy

  • Purchasing a different contractors policy from another Massachusetts insurer that provides more robust protections

Often, a combination of these potential solutions will provide plenty of protection for you to do volunteer work without worrying about potential accidents.

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