Do Motorcycle Insurance Policies Cover Helmets and Gear?

After purchasing a motorcycle, riders must also invest in a significant amount of gear. The price of helmets (which are required in Massachusetts), jackets, gloves and other equipment can total at least several hundred dollars, and it sometimes is more than $1,000. Here’s a look at whether motorcycle insurance will cover the cost of replacing gear that was damaged in an accident, which is far from a small consideration.Motorcycle Insurance Massachusetts

Is My Helmet and Other Gear Covered by My Motorcycle Insurance Policy?

Some Motorcycle Insurance Policies May Not Offer Standard Coverage for Equipment

Some motorcycle insurance policies may not provide coverage for helmets and other gear, leaving riders responsible for self-insuring the gear they own.

If a rider is in an accident and doesn’t have motorcycle coverage for their helmet and gear, they could have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars out of pocket. For, they may need to both replace their gear and pay their policy’s deductible. As an example, assume a Massachusetts rider had $800 worth of gear and carried a $500 insurance deductible. If the rider was in an accident, they might be saddled with $1,300 in expenses that they need to cover.Motorcycle Insurance Massachusetts

Some Motorcycle Policies Offer Minimal Standard Coverage for Helmets and Gear

Other motorcycle policies offer some coverage -- but not enough for most riders. For instance, a policy might offer $500 worth of protection for a helmet and other gear. Many helmets cost near $500, though, and some are priced over $600. Thus, a policy that provides some motorcycle coverage for equipment but has a low limit might not even offer enough protection for a rider’s helmet, let alone their other gear.

Some Policies Offer Robust Standard Coverage for Helmets and Gear

A few motorcycle coverage policies offer robust protections for helmets and other gear. Riders who compare policies from multiple insurers often find at least one that will fully cover their gear, so the don’t have to worry about paying for all new equipment if they crash.

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In most cases, these policies’ coverage for gear is limited to equipment that’s exclusively used for riding. Helmets designed for riding motorcycles are often covered without question, but whether jackets, gloves and other items are covered might depend on whether they’re only used for riding or are also worn when not on a bike.Motorcycle Insurance Massachusetts

Many Policies Offer Optional Coverages for Helmets and Gear

Many policies offer riders who want more coverage for their helmets and gear optional protections that they can add onto the policy’s standard coverages. Through optional coverages, riders or endorsements, riders might be able to get the coverage they need for their helmets and gear through a policy that would otherwise offer no or minimal coverage for equipment. Even policies that have robust standard protections for equipment might offer a few optional coverages for riders who have particularly expensive gear.

Talk with an Independent Insurance Agent in Massachusetts

If you’re looking for motorcycle insurance that will fully cover your helmet and other gear, get in touch with an independent insurance agent who’s licensed in Massachusetts. An independent agent will be able to request quotes for motorcycle policies from several different insurers, and they can explain exactly how your helmet and gear would be treated by each policy. With an agent’s help, you’ll likely be able to get that offers good standard or optional coverage for your equipment so you won't have to worry about paying to replace the equipment if you're in an accident.

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