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What Types of Surety Bonds Are Available to Businesses in Massachusetts?

Surety bonds are used by businesses and other organizations in a variety of situations. To meet the various needs that different Massachusetts businesses have, insurers offer several different types of bonds. The following are four common ones that businesses might need.


Does My Massachusetts Dining Establishment Need Restaurant Insurance with Supplemental Venue Coverage?

Massachusetts has many sports stadiums, concert halls, performance spaces and other venues that draw both residents and visitors to their events. For businesses near these venues, the influx of people to the area can provide a vital source of customers and revenue. Should a major venue ever close, even temporarily, the effect on nearby businesses could be devastating. Supplemental venue coverage, however, can be a financial savior. If you run a restaurant that’s heavily dependent on a venue for patrons, you may want a restaurant insurance policy that includes this coverage for your dining establishment.


How to Reduce the Risk of a General Liability Insurance Claim: 4 Steps

General liability insurance policies offer financial protection from a host of potential liability risks, but policies themselves do little to actually prevent accidents from happening. If you run a business in Massachusetts, here are some steps your business can take to reduce the risk of potential accidents -- and the likelihood that it has to file a claim against its general liability coverage.


Include Proof of Contractors Insurance to Get More Jobs

Contracting businesses often either thrive or die on the quotes that they give potential customers. For, it’s on these bids that people decide which contracting business to hire. Most of the time, quotes include information about the nature, cost, and timeframe of a project -- but this may not be all that a contracting business may want to include in its bids. If you run a contracting business in Massachusetts, here’s how also including proof of your company’s contractors insurance could help set your business apart from competitors.


What if My Business Doesn't Have Workers Compensation Insurance?

Businesses in Massachusetts that have employees are generally required to carry workers compensation insurance. If you run a business in Montgomery, MA that is supposed to offer employees coverage but doesn’t, here are some of the potential consequences your business could face.


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