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Save Money: Deduct Your Huntington Commercial Auto Insurance Premiums

Many jobs require driving on a regular basis, and some of these positions require employees to pay their own commercial auto insurance premiums. While some companies may reimburse employees for this expense, others don’t. If you regularly drive around Huntington, Massachusetts for work and pay your own commercial auto premiums, you might be able to deduct the amount you pay from your taxes.


Should You Have Personal or Commercial Auto Insurance in Westfield?

Massachusetts law requires that all drivers have some form of auto insurance to protect themselves and other drivers. While the vast majority of people in Westfield are aware of this rule, more than a few struggle to determine whether they need commercial or personal auto insurance. While both forms of auto insurance are similar, there are a few key differences that make this decision one of vital importance. Here is some information about the difference between personal and commercial auto insurance.


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