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How to Reduce the Risk of a General Liability Insurance Claim: 4 Steps

General liability insurance policies offer financial protection from a host of potential liability risks, but policies themselves do little to actually prevent accidents from happening. If you run a business in Massachusetts, here are some steps your business can take to reduce the risk of potential accidents -- and the likelihood that it has to file a claim against its general liability coverage.


General Liability Insurance Can Protect Your Chester Business From Lawsuits

General liability insurance is largely designed to protect businesses from lawsuits. A policy may pay both the legal fees and settlement associated with a lawsuit, assuming the circumstances surrounding the suit meet the policy’s coverage requirements. While general liability policies have terms and conditions that govern the suits they’ll cover, most policies cover multiple types of suits. If you own a business in Chester, Massachusetts here are some of the suits that you may want to protect your business from with a general liability policy.


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