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What if My Business Doesn't Have Workers Compensation Insurance?

Businesses in Massachusetts that have employees are generally required to carry workers compensation insurance. If you run a business in Montgomery, MA that is supposed to offer employees coverage but doesn’t, here are some of the potential consequences your business could face.


How Agawam Businesses Can Save Money On Workers Compensation Insurance

One of the many factors that influence your company’s workers compensation insurance rates is how expensive a claim might be for your company’s insurer. A return-to-work program may be able to help reduce the potential cost of a workers compensation claim and, as a result, help your Agawam, Massachusetts company get lower workers compensation rates.


Workers Compensation Insurance in Westfield: You Want Claims

Most businesses in Massachusetts that have employees also have workers compensation insurance, and employees usually file claims against their employer’s workers compensation policy if they’re ever injured while working. There is, however, a reason why an injured employee might decline to file a claim. If one of your employees decides not to file a claim, it may not be good news for your Westfield business.


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