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What Do I Need to Know When Purchasing Classic Car Insurance in Massachusetts?

Classic car insurance policies offered by insurers in Massachusetts generally meet all state coverage requirements and offer many of the coverage options that standard auto policies provide. In addition to these protections, classic car policies also have several features that make them unique. If you’re looking for classic auto insurance, here’s some of what you need to know about these policies.

Classic Car Insurance Massachusetts

When Purchasing Classic Car Insurance in Massachusetts, What Do I Need to Know?

Classic Car Policies May Cover Appreciation

First, some of the classic car insurance policies available to Massachusetts drivers cover vehicle appreciation. Should an insured vehicle go up in value while a policy is in effect, several of the policy’s coverage limits (e.g. comprehensive and collision limits) might likewise increase.

Most standard auto policies don’t offer this protection because normal automobiles tend to depreciate rather than appreciate. If you have an exotic, rare or vintage car that you expect to go up in value, though, consider seeking out a classic car policy that has this protection.


Classic Auto Insurance Policies May Cover Sourcing Parts

Second, some classic auto insurance policies also offer coverage for sourcing parts. Should a covered classic vehicle need repair, a policy with this coverage may help the driver both find the right parts and purchase them. In many cases, the insurance company itself will have a specialist help locate appropriate parts.

This is another coverage that standard auto policies normally don’t need to provide because parts for mass-produced newer vehicles tend to be widely available. When fixing a vehicle that’s uncommon, though, merely finding the right parts can be time-consuming. Adding this coverage onto your policy might save you a lot of legwork if your classic automobile ever needs a covered repair.

Classic Auto Insurance Policies May Limit Coverage for Vehicles in Restoration

Third, care must be taken when choosing a classic auto policy for a vehicle that’s currently being restored. While most policies offer plenty of coverage for vehicles while they’re being restored, this coverage doesn’t necessarily come as a standard protection. Some policies limit their standard protection for vehicles in restoration and offer more coverage as an option.

If your vehicle is being restored, it’s important to make sure you find a coverage combination that’ll fully protect your vehicle while you’re working on it. An insurance agent who specializes in classic auto insurance can help you make the right coverage selections.

Classic Car Insurance Massachusetts

Drivers May Have to Be a Minimum Age

Finally, many classic auto policies have minimum age requirements for anyone who gets behind the wheel of the insured vehicle. In addition to a minimum age requirement, policies can also have a minimum experience requirement. For example, some policies might require that drivers have at least 5 years of experience driving before they’re covered.

Violating any minimum age or experience requirement may compromise the coverages and protections that your classic car policy offers. Rather than letting young and/or inexperienced drivers take the wheel and risk an accident, it’s generally better to take them for a ride while you drive. They can get behind the wheel when they’re old and/or experienced enough, and doing so will be that much more meaningful because they’ll have waited.

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Find Classic Car Insurance with a Massachusetts Agent

For help finding classic car insurance, contact Roger Butler Insurance. Our independent insurance agents have helped many Massachusetts drivers insure rare, exotic and vintage vehicles, and the team is here to assist you as well. Not only can our agents show you policies from different insurers in the state, but they also have the expertise necessary to explain the nuances of whatever policy you choose.

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