When Purchasing Car Insurance in Massachusetts, What Papers Will I Need?

Purchasing a car insurance policy in Massachusetts is a fairly simple and straightforward process. There are, however, several papers that you’ll need to provide before a policy can be finalized and made effective. You can likely gather all of them fairly easily.

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What Papers Will I Need When Purchasing Car Insurance in Massachusetts?

Your Driver’s License

First and most obviously, you’ll probably have to provide your government-issued driver’s license to prove that you’re able to legally drive. The insurance company will use this to confirm that you’re allowed to drive and to check your driving record (which can influence how much your car insurance premiums are).

While you’ll likely have to provide a government-issued driver’s license, it usually doesn’t have to be a Massachusetts license. New state residents who haven’t yet updated their driver’s license can normally still get insurance if they have a license from another state. Of course, you should still update your license within the mandated time frame if you fall into this group of drivers.

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Other Drivers’ Licenses

Second, you might be asked to provide the driver’s licenses of anyone else in your household who will be driving the vehicle that you’re purchasing auto insurance for. Insurance companies may use these licenses to confirm that household members are legally able to drive and to check their driving records, just as the insurers typically use your license for the same purposes.

The Vehicle’s Registration

Third, the vehicle’s registration document will likely be requested. Insurance companies may use this to confirm that you own the vehicle in question, and the document has the vehicle's identification number (VIN) on it. The VIN is a number that’s unique to each vehicle, so it can be used to check past records and track a specific vehicle while it’s insured.

If you’re insuring multiple vehicles, get the registration paperwork for each one of them. You’ll probably have to prove ownership of and provide the VIN for each vehicle being insured.

While your vehicle’s title might be used for a similar purpose, there are a few reasons to use the registration documentation rather than the title document so long as you’re able to:

  • A registration can often be replaced more easily if it’s lost or stolen

  • The title may be needed for another purpose

  • The title might not be fully processed and sent to you yet (if you’re new to the state)

Car Insurance Massachusetts

Your Bank Account Details

Fourth, you might want to give the insurance company your bank account’s account number and routing number when you actually purchase a policy. These generally don’t have to be given unless you want to set up an automatic ETF transfer, but there are good reasons to create a transfer.

An ETF transfer lets you decide what day to pay your auto insurance premiums, and you don’t have to worry about remembering to send in a payment each month. Additionally, some insurance companies offer premium discounts to drivers who create these automatic transfers. Even if it’s just a small percent off your premiums, this is an easy way to save some money.

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For help going through the car insurance purchasing process, contact Roger Butler Insurance. Our independent insurance agents are able to compare policies from multiple Massachusetts insurers with you, explaining both the premium and coverage differences between policies. They also can guide you through the entire purchasing process so that you don’t have to fret about forgetting a paper or anything else when getting auto insurance.

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