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BusInsurance in Massachusetts

What is bus insurance?

Operating buses presents significant risk, as substantial property damage and injuries can occur if there’s an accident. While bus insurance won’t do anything to prevent damage and injuries, it can provide Massachusetts operators with important financial protection following covered incidents.

Bus insurance is specialized commercial vehicle insurance for passenger buses. Most policies have coverages and limits that are adjusted for the significant risks that buses present.

What Massachusetts businesses should carry bus policies?

Massachusetts businesses and nonprofits that operate passenger buses are generally required to purchase a bus policy. This often applies to charter buses, tour buses, school buses and others.

Businesses that drive passenger vans often need coverages similar to those that bus policies offer. Whether a bus policy is well-suited for a van depends on the specific policy and situation, however. An insurance agent who specializes in bus policies can help determine whether a bus or other policy is better when insuring a van.

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What coverages do bus policies make available to operators?

The coverages that bus policies come with normally protect against both property damage and injury, as well as some other risks. Important coverages to consider include:

  • Collision Coverage, which normally protects a bus against accident-caused damage
  • Comprehensive Coverage, which normally protects against non-accident damage
  • Property Damage Coverage, which normally protects against damage to non-bus property
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP), which normally protects against passenger injuries
  • Medical Payments Coverage, which normally protects against passengers’ medical bills
  • Bodily Injury Coverage, which normally protects against non-passenger injuries
  • Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist Coverage, which normally protects against uninsured drivers

There are still other coverages that bus operators can purchase. A knowledgeable insurance agent can help evaluate all coverage options.

Do operators have to carry workers compensation?

Massachusetts state law broadly requires that employers purchase workers compensation for the benefit of their employees. Workers compensation usually guards against workplace injuries, and this requirement often includes bus operators that have employee drivers.

Although operators frequently need workers comp, the coverage isn’t always contained within a bus policy’s protections. Operators might find the coverage within a bus policy, or they might have to purchase a separate policy that provides the one coverage.

Do school districts need any specific protections when purchasing school bus insurance?

The actual coverages contained within school bus insurance policies broadly mirror those found in other bus policies. Districts should be careful to consider what limits they need for injury coverages, though. High limits are typically recommended for school bus insurance policies.

Districts can consult with an experienced insurance agent to get assistance with determining just how high their school bus insurance limits should be.

How much does insuring buses cost?

The premiums that insurance companies charge for school bus and other bus policies are calculated according to many factors. The following are merely some of the details that commonly impact rates:

  • Type of buses insured
  • Size of buses
  • Age of buses
  • Annual miles driven
  • Storage location
  • Drivers’ records

Since premiums can vary significantly, it’s often wise to compare policies with an independent insurance agent before purchasing any one particular policy. Independent agents are free to compare customized quotes from several insurance companies.

How can bus operators get bus insurance?

If you need help insuring buses that are registered and driven in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at Roger Butler Insurance. We’ll help you determine what coverages, limits and deductibles you should look for, and then we’ll show you available policies that meet those requirements. With our aid, you can have confidence in the bus insurance policy that you ultimately purchase.

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