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Camp Insurance in Massachusetts

Is Your Business Protected?

What is Camp Insurance?

Operating a camp comes with inherent property and liability risks, and it’s important to protect against these risks when possible. Camp insurance can help Massachusetts camps shield themselves from many of the perils they face.

Camp insurance is a commercial insurance that’s specifically designed for camp organizations. In order to shield camps from multiple risks, most camp policies are package policies that come with multiple coverages.

What Massachusetts Organizations Need Day Camp Insurance?

Many Massachusetts organizations that offer camp activities may benefit from day camp insurance or summer camp insurance. Generally speaking, this insurance is appropriate for the following types of camps:

  • Youth camps
  • Day camps
  • Sports camps
  • Arts camps
  • Music camps

Importantly, these policies usually required named insured to primarily offer camp activities. Camps that are legally set up as independent entities generally can purchase day camp insurance, but camps that are still legally tied to another organization often need a different type of insurance. Any camp that’s unsure whether a day camp insurance or other insurance policy is more appropriate should speak with an insurance agent who specializes in these policies about their situation.

Additionally, day camp policies are typically only suitable for true day camps. Camps that offer overnight options likely need another type of camp policy.

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What Protections Do Camp Policies Offer?

There are several property and liability coverages that camp policies commonly offer. The exact coverages that are included in a policy may vary, but they frequently include protections such as:

  • Property Coverage, which might protect camp-owned facilities, equipment and supplies
  • Inland Marine Coverage, which might protect equipment and supplies as they’re moved between locations
  • Crime Coverage, which might protect against employee theft of money or securities
  • General Liability Coverage, which might protect against common incidents resulting in injury or property damage to a third party
  • Professional Liability Coverage, which might protect against against mistakes that employees make when working with camp participants
  • Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability Coverage, which might protect against accidents involving cars that are used by a camp but not owned by it
  • Cyber Liability Coverage, which might protect against data breaches, online attacks and other cyber threats

General liability policies may or may not extend coverage to allegations of sexual misconduct by camp personnel. Because this is such a significant risk, camps should work with a knowledgeable insurance agent to determine their particular risk exposure and whether this aspect of general liability is needed. If it is, an agent can help find a policy that provides appropriate general liability protections.

Is Summer Camp Insurance Only Needed in the Summer?

During the months that they offer activities, summer camps usually should have robust summer camp insurance in place. They may not need the same level of coverage throughout the part of the year that activities aren’t needed, however. 

Even though the same amount of coverage may not be needed during the offseason, this doesn’t mean that summer camps should forgo protection altogether during these months. Property can still be damaged, and someone could still be injured on camp property. For these reasons, camps generally ought to continue carrying insurance during the offseason -- although they might not need as much protection.

An agent who’s familiar with summer camp insurance policies can help summer camps adjust their coverages before and after the camp season.

How Can Massachusetts Organizations Get Camp Insurance?

For help finding camp insurance in Massachusetts, reach out to the independent insurance agents at Roger Butler Insurance. Our agents will work with you to assess your camp’s unique insurance needs and find a policy that meets those needs well. With our assistance, you can be confident that your camp is well protected against a range of potential risks.

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