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Carpenter Insurance in Massachusetts

Is Your Business Protected?

What is Carpenter Insurance?

A career in carpentry can be both personally and financially rewarding, but it comes with certain risks. Purchasing carpenter insurance is one way for carpenters in Massachusetts to protect themselves from many of the risks they face.

Carpenter insurance is specialized commercial insurance for carpenters and their businesses. In order to protect carpenters from multiple risks, these policies usually come as package policies that combine coverages together. Carpenters can normally choose the exact combination of coverages that are included in their policy.

Who in Massachusetts Needs Carpenters Insurance?

Most Massachusetts professionals who themselves work as carpenters or own carpentry businesses can benefit from the protections that carpenters insurance affords. This includes a range of professionals, such as:

  • Residential carpenters
  • Framing carpenters
  • Industrial carpenters
  • Commercial carpenters
  • Coopers
  • Furniture finishers
  • Luthiers
  • Scenic carpenters

The coverage can even be useful to ship’s carpenters, although few such carpenters work in Massachusetts.

In addition to providing important protections against covered losses, carpenters insurance is sometimes also required to secure jobs. Homeowners, businesses and governments may all refuse to hire a carpenter or their business if adequate insurance isn’t in place.

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Do Contractors Need a Carpenter Policy?

Contractors who do carpentry work might need a carpenter policy, but whether this type of insurance is sufficient depends on the scope of a contractor’s other work. An insurance agent who specializes in carpenter and similar policies can help contractors determine whether this insurance or another (e.g. contractors insurance) is more appropriate.

Do Subcontractors Need a Carpenter Policy?

Subcontracting can create complex insurance situations, and it’s often best to review any subcontracting arrangement with a knowledgeable insurance agent who can help explain how each party’s insurance coverages apply to different claims. In many cases, subcontractors aren’t covered by a contractor’s policy in the same way that employees are -- and subcontractors may want to purchase their own insurance for this reason.

What Coverages Are Available Through Carpenter Policies?

As mentioned, carpenter policies normally come with a range of coverages and carpenters can often choose which coverages are included in their policies. Some coverages that many carpenters look for are:

Errors and omissions insurance is often shortened to “E&O Insurance.” In addition to these coverages, many carpenters also need commercial auto coverage for their business-owned trucks and vans.


Do Carpenter Policies Come With Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation is an important protection that’s usually used to insure against the risk of workplace injury. It’s normally a required coverage if a business has employees, and many self-employed professionals purchase the courage even if they aren’t required to.

Many carpenters policies don’t actually come with workers compensation, however. This is because the coverage is frequently purchased on its own through a separate policy. These workers compensation policies are readily available.

Where Can Carpenters Get Carpenter Insurance?

For help finding carpenter insurance in Massachusetts, contact us at Roger Butler Insurance. Our independent insurance agents will work with you to determine your particular coverage needs, and we can show you multiple policy options that provide those necessary coverages. With our assistance, you can be confident that you’re well protected. 

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