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Commercial Trucking Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Commercial Trucking Insurance?

Regardless of whether they’re delivering packages around a city or hauling cargo around the country, commercial trucking companies are exposed to multiple potential risks. Commercial trucking insurance helps trucking companies in Massachusetts shield themselves from many of the risks they face.

Commercial trucking insurance is a specialized form of commercial insurance that has been developed to meet the risk mitigation needs of companies that move cargo. Policies are generally available for everything from small box trucks to semis that pull multiple trailers.

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What Businesses in Massachusetts Need Commercial Truck Insurance?

Most businesses in Massachusetts that operate trucks should have commercial truck insurance. This usually includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Transportation companies that run tractor-trailers
  • Caul transport companies and car haulers
  • Waste disposal contractors with garbage and recycling trucks
  • Contractors with commercial pickup and dump trucks
  • Moving companies and delivery services with trucks
  • Farms and co-ops with box trucks

Businesses that are unsure whether this or another form of insurance is right for the vehicles they use should speak with an insurance agent who specializes in commercial truck insurance. A knowledgeable agent will be able to determine whether this is the most important type of policy based on a business’ particular situation.

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What Coverages Do Commercial Truck Insurance Policies Offer?

There are certain minimum coverage requirements that auto (including truck) insurance policies offered in Massachusetts must meet. Many policies, however, go beyond the state’s minimum requirements and offer an array of protections. Some of the more common coverages that these policies frequently offer are:

  • Liability Coverage, which may cover injuries and/or damage that a truck driver is responsible for
  • Physical Damage Coverage, which may cover damage to a truck itself
  • Truck Cargo Coverage, which may cover cargo that’s being transported in a truck or trailer
  • Unidentified Trailer Coverage, which may trailers that aren’t owned or leased by a trucking company
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage, which may cover accidents caused by improperly insured drivers

(Truck cargo coverage is usually unique to these policies, and typically provides coverage against both theft and damage of goods. Unidentified trailer overage is sometimes referred to as trailer interchange coverage.)

Are Different Types of Cargo Coverage Available Through Commercial Truck Policies?

Because trucking companies transport many different types of cargo, insurance companies often make several different types of cargo coverage available in their commercial truck policies. Policies might offer coverage for regular products, perishable goods, hazardous materials or any number of other items. An insurance agent who’s familiar with these policies and their cargo protections will likely be able to find a suitable cargo coverage for any legally transported good.

How Are Commercial Truck Insurance Premiums Calculated?

Insurance companies consider many different factors when setting premiums for commercial truck policies. Some of the criteria they might look at include:

  • How many miles trucks are driven annually
  • What class of driver’s licenses employees have
  • Whether employees have additional driving certifications or endorsements
  • Whether trucks are taken to areas that require hard hats (e.g. construction sites)
  • Whether the cargo is hazardous or includes heavy equipment
  • What states trucks are driven in

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How Can Trucking Companies Get Commercial Trucking Insurance?

For help insuring commercial trucks that are driven in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at Roger Butler Insurance. Our agents have helped many companies find commercial trucking insurance, and we’re ready to assist you. Since we have only independent agents, you can trust that you’ll get the best policy recommendation regardless of what insurance company in the state is offering it.

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