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Dog Walker Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Dog Walker Insurance?

Walking dogs is becoming an increasingly viable business, and it can serve  as both a fun and lucrative career path. The work comes with certain risks, though, for being entrusted with a pet is a major responsibility. Dog walker insurance helps protect dog walkers in Massachusetts from many of the risks they face.

Dog walker insurance is a specialized insurance that’s designed to meet the unique needs of dog walkers. In order to protect against multiple risks, most policies are written as package policies that come with multiple individual protections which are bundled together.

Is Your Business Protected?

Who in Massachusetts Needs Dog Walking Insurance?

Most Massachusetts residents who walk dogs professionally can benefit from the protections that dog walking policies provide. This generally includes:

  • Owners of dog-walking businesses that have employees
  • Full-time dog walkers who are self-employed
  • New dog walkers who are just getting started
  • People who earn extra income walking dogs

In most cases, business owners shouldn’t wait until they reach a certain size to being exploring insurance options. An accident can happen when walking just one dog, so it’s usually wise to have insurance in place before taking on an initial customer.

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Do People Who Walk Dogs for Friends and Neighbors Need Dog Walking Insurance?

People who walk dogs for friends, neighbors and family members without receiving compensation may not need commercial dog walking insurance (check with your trusted agent to review your current coverages to be sure). If money or other compensation is provided in exchange for walking services, however, getting a commercial dog walking policy is appropriate.

What Coverages Do Dog Walking Policies Provide?

Dog walking insurance is a relatively new form of insurance, so the coverages that policies offer can vary quite a lot. Some coverages that policies may offer and dog walkers may want include:

  • General Liability Coverage, which might cover common accidents that result in property damage or injury to others
  • Animal Bailee Coverage, which might cover loss, injury or death of animals in a dog walker’s care
  • Commercial Auto Coverage, which might cover a vehicle that’s driven for business-related purposes
  • Loss Key Coverage, which might cover the cost of rekeying a customer’s home if their key is lost
  • Errors and Omissions Coverage, which might cover mistakes made while working that affect customers

In addition to these, dog walkers may also want or need workers compensation coverage. Workers compensation normally protects against job-related illnesses and injuries, which dog walkers are certainly exposed to. Businesses that employ walkers are likely required by state law to carry this coverage, and those who are self-employed might want it in case their health insurance excludes job-related injuries.

Whether workers compensation is procured within a dog walking policy or as a stand-alone coverage that’s provided by its own policy depends on the insurer. 

An insurance agent who’s familiar with dog walking insurance can assist with finding a policy that has robust coverage options, and the agent can also likely help explore workers compensation options.

How Much Do Dog Walking Policies Cost?

Premiums for dog walking policies vary, but this insurance is usually quite affordable even for people who walk only a few dogs. Policies are almost certainly more affordable than what facing a major claim could cost if there’s no coverage in place.

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How Can Dog Walkers in Massachusetts Get Dog Walker Insurance?

For help finding dog walker insurance, contact the independent Massachusetts insurance agents at Roger Butler Insurance. Our agents are familiar with the nuances of this insurance, and they can compare quotes from multiple insurance companies in the state. With their assistance, you can be confident that the dog walker policy you select provides robust protection at a price that you can afford.

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