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What is E-Commerce Insurance?

Online businesses may be exposed to less risk than brick-and-mortar stores, but this doesn’t mean that online sellers are free from all risk. They still face a significant number of risks, including both property and liability perils. E-commerce insurance can help Massachusetts online businesses protect themselves from many of the perils that they do face.

E-commerce insurance is a commercial insurance that’s tailored to meet the needs of online businesses. In order to offer online businesses multiple protections, e-commerce policies typically are underwritten as package policies that combine multiple coverages together.

What Massachusetts Businesses Need E-Commerce Business Insurance?

Most businesses that are located in Massachusetts and sell online should consider purchasing e-commerce business insurance. This includes retail, wholesale and service-based businesses, the latter of which have become much more prevalent. 

Additionally, both businesses that sell online only and those that sell online in addition to physical retails likely need an e-commerce business policy. Businesses that have online and physical outlets may find that an e-commerce policy doesn’t meet all of their insurance needs, but the policy probably should be part of a broader insurance portfolio.

Businesses also generally should consider this insurance regardless of their size. Simply being small or new doesn’t preclude a business from having a claim. Virtually any business can sustain a loss or be named in a liability lawsuit.

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What Coverages Does E-Commerce Business Insurance Make Available?

There are a number of coverages that e-commerce business insurance might offer. Property coverages within a policy normally protect a business' assets, while liability coverages usually protect against third-party claims and lawsuits. Both types of coverages can be found in a policy. A few of the more common property and liability coverages are:

Depending on a business’ operations and situation, other coverages may also be appropriate. An insurance agent who specializes in e-commerce policies can help businesses choose all of the coverages that are right for them.

How Much Are Premiums for E-Commerce Business Insurance?

Premiums for e-commerce business policies vary because they’re based on several different factors. A business’ location, operations, sales, chosen coverages and other items can all influence the cost of a policy.

To find out how much premiums will be in a given situation, businesses can speak with an independent insurance agent. An independent agent can review policy options from multiple insurers, comparing both coverages and price.

Where Can Massachusetts Businesses Get E-Commerce Insurance?

For help purchasing e-commerce insurance in Massachusetts, contact Roger Butler Insurance. Our team of independent agents can help you decide what coverages are right for your business, and we’ll work hard to find the best policy that provides those protections. With our assistance, you can be confident that your business has a solid e-commerce policy insuring it.

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