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Excavation Contractors Insurance in Massachusetts

Is Your Business Protected?

What is Excavation Contractors Insurance?

Excavating work comes with potentially serious risks, including both property- and liability-related perils. One way that excavators in Massachusetts can protect themselves from a variety of risks is by purchasing excavation contractors insurance.

Excavation contractors insurance is specialized commercial insurance for excavators. In order to provide excavators with the various protections they need, most of these policies are underwritten as package policies that combine several coverages together.

Who in Massachusetts Needs Excavation Insurance?

Generally speaking, most businesses that are involved in excavation work should have excavation insurance. This often includes businesses that do any of the following:

  • Excavating job sites
  • Grading job sites
  • Clearing trees
  • Moving dirt
  • Digging foundations
  • Demolishing structures
  • Cutting and breaking concrete

Contractors who do any of this alongside other work might need a policy that provides both excavation insurance and other insurance (e.g. contractors insurance). An insurance agent who specializes in this type of coverage will be able to assist with determining what type of policy is best for a given situation, and finding the appropriate type of policy.

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What Protections Does Excavation Insurance Make Available?

Excavation insurance policies can come with a variety of coverages, and excavators can often customize a policy to their particular liking. When comparing policies, the following are generally some important coverages to look for:

Do Excavators Need Workers Compensation Coverage?

Workers compensation coverage normally protects against workplace injuries, which certainly are a significant risk in the excavation industry. Moreover, most excavators are required to purchase this coverage because they have employees. Massachusetts generally requires businesses that have employees to carry workers compensation (with a few exceptions).

Despite the widespread need for workers compensation, though, it’s frequently not included in excavation contractors policies. Instead, the insurance is more often purchased as a standalone policy that provides only the one coverage. Insurance agents who are familiar with excavation contractors policies can also assist with workers compensation ones.

What Are Waivers of Subrogation?

Waivers of subrogation are sometimes used in the excavation industry to provide a hiring contractor with additional protection. Contractors who subcontract to excavators might ask excavators to add a waiver of subrogation onto their insurance policy. This is something that an insurance agent can assist with if one is needed.

How Are Premiums for Excavation Contractors Policies Calculated?

Insurance companies consider many factors when calculating premiums for excavation contractors policies. A business’ location, size, equipment, scope of work and many other details can all influence how much coverages cost.

Because so many factors affect premiums, rates for these policies can vary substantially. Even with variances among rates, however, these policies tend to fit within excavators’ budgets.

Where Can Massachusetts Excavators Get Excavation Contractors Insurance?

For help insuring an excavation business in Massachusetts, contact us at Roger Butler Insurance. Our independent agents can help you determine exactly what coverages your business needs, and we’ll work hard to find an excavation contractors insurance policy that meets those exact coverage needs.

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