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Fleet Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Fleet Insurance?

Businesses that own multiple vehicles generally need to carry insurance for each of their cars or trucks, but ensuring vehicles individually can be cumbersome and expensive. Fleet Insurance normally gives Massachusetts businesses that have multiple vehicles a more practical insurance solution.

Fleet insurance is specialized commercial vehicle insurance for businesses that have more than one car or truck. Fleet policies typically offer multiple coverages that apply across all of the vehicles listed on a policy.

What Massachusetts Businesses Need Commercial Fleet Insurance?

Most Massachusetts businesses that have multiple vehicles should consider commercial fleet insurance. Not purchasing insurance for vehicles can leave a business exposed to both legal and liability risks, and fleet policies tend to be the most efficient way of ensuring more than one vehicle.

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How Many Vehicles Should Businesses Have Before Considering Commercial Fleet Insurance?

Commercial fleet insurance generally is for businesses that have five or more vehicles, and policies can often cover athletes with many more cars or trucks. If insuring fewer than five vehicles, individual policies might make more sense.

Many insurance companies will bundle individual policies together for businesses that have between two and four vehicles. Even though bundling offers some benefits, this doesn't create a true commercial fleet policy. The insurance industry traits bundle policies for fewer than five cars, and fleet policies for five or more cars differently. 

Businesses that are unsure whether they should bundle individual policies together or purchase a true fleet policy can speak with an insurance agent who specializes in this type of commercial vehicle insurance. A knowledgeable agent will be able to make an informed policy recommendation based on an individual business' vehicle coverage needs. 

What Protections Do Commercial Fleet Insurance Policies Offer?

Commercial Fleet policies usually cover vehicle damage and liability lawsuits arising from employed cause accidents whether other coverages are included in a policy various. For example, some policies might cover items kept inside vehicles but others won't.

A knowledgeable insurance agent can help businesses decide what coverage is they need in a commercial fleet policy.

What Sorts of Vehicles Can Commercial Fleet Policies Cover?

Commercial Fleet policies can often be underwritten to cover a wide range of registered vehicles. Policies may cover everything from passenger cars to heavy-duty trucks, and coverage for trailers is widely available too.

What Are Symbol 1 and Symbol 7 Policies?

Commercial vehicle insurance policies are frequently identified with "symbols," which range from symbol 1 to symbol 9. Each symbol number has a corresponding set of protections that the insurance policy will normally provide.

Commercial fleet policies are often symbol 1 policies or symbol 7 policies. Symbol 1 policies generally extend coverage to all vehicles that employees drive for work. Symbol 7 policies generally cover only a specific list of vehicles that employees might drive for work, and any incidents occurring in other vehicles is unlikely to be covered.

Whether a symbol 1 or a symbol 7 policy better suits a business has coverage needs depends mostly on what vehicles the business needs coverage for. Again, this is something that an insurance agent who's familiar with these policies can help businesses sort through. 

How Can Massachusetts Businesses With Multiple Vehicles Get Commercial Fleet Insurance?

For help insuring multiple vehicles that are registered in Massachusetts, contact us at Rodger Butler Insurance. Our independent insurance agents are well-versed in fleet insurance, and we’ll work hard to make sure your business’ vehicles are properly insured. Since we're an independent insurance agency, we can recommend the best fleet policy regardless of what insurance company is offering it.

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