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What is Golf Course Insurance?

Operating a golf course requires a sizeable investment, and that investment should be protected whenever possible. Golf course insurance helps courses in Massachusetts shield themselves from many of the property and liability risks they face.

Golf course insurance is a specialized commercial insurance that’s designed specifically for golf courses. Because courses often face multiple risks, these policies typically come as package policies that have several coverages within them.

What Massachusetts Businesses Need Golf Club Insurance?

Golf club insurance is generally suitable for public golf courses, private golf courses and golf clubs in Massachusetts. All of these organizations tend to have similar insurance needs that are mostly met by this type of insurance policy.

Country clubs that don’t have an actual golf course might have similar insurance needs, but they also can have a few different needs. Country clubs should speak with an insurance agent who knows golf club insurance to see whether this or another type of insurance is better for them.

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What Coverages Does Golf Club Insurance Come With?

As mentioned, golf club insurance often comes with more than one coverage. Some of the protections that are commonly found in policies include:

The inland marine coverage found in a golf course policy may be highly specialized to protect certain items that are unique to courses, such as greens.

Do Golf Courses Need Workers Compensation?

Most golf courses have employees and are required by state law to carry worker's compensation. This is insurance coverage that usually protects workers if they’re injured or become ill due to their vocation. 

Whether worker's compensation is part of a golf club policy depends on the particular policy. The coverage might be purchased within a policy, or it may be procured separately through a standalone policy.

How Much Are Premiums for Golf Course Policies?

The cost of insuring a golf course varies because it’s dependent upon many factors. Location, size, asset value and whether alcohol is served are merely some of the factors that can affect the price of a policy.

Even with variance in policy premiums, however, insuring a golf course is normally affordable to do. The cost of a policy almost certainly is less than what a large claim could be.

How Can Golf Courses Save on Insurance?

Depending on what discounts an insurance company offers, golf courses may be able to take several actions that could lower premiums:

  • Installing fire safety equipment and sprinkler systems might qualify for a commercial property discount
  • Installing burglar alarms and security cameras might qualify for a commercial property discount
  • Properly training servers to serve alcohol responsibly might qualify for an alcohol liability discount

In addition to these discounts, golf courses can likely also save by shopping around for a policy with an independent insurance agent. An independent agent has freedom to show policy options from multiple insurance companies, which makes comparing coverages and rates easy.

How Can Massachusetts Golf Courses Get Golf Course Insurance?

For help insuring a Massachusetts golf course, contact the independent insurance agents of Roger Butler Insurance. Our agents can help you compare different policies that meet your course’s needs, and they have the expertise necessary to help you choose the best golf course insurance policy for your particular situation.

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