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Handyman Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Handyman Insurance?

Handymen (and women) in Massachusetts are exposed to a variety of possible risks, which include liability, property and other potential perils. Handyman insurance can help people who perform basic maintenance services protect their businesses and themselves from multiple covered risks.

Handyman insurance is a specialized form of commercial insurance that’s designed to meet the risk mitigation needs of people who perform basic maintenance or repair services. Most policies are written as package policies that include multiple coverages, and policyholders can usually adjust their policy’s protections to suit their particular situation.

Is Your Business Protected?

Who in Massachusetts Needs a Handyman Policy?

Most people who perform basic maintenance and repair services in Massachusetts ought to consider carrying a handyman policy. Not carrying a policy can leave people dangerously exposed to potential risks, and few people in this line of work have the financial resources necessary to recover from a major disaster on their own.

In some situations, people may even have a hard time finding jobs if they don’t carry insurance. Some homeowners and businesses will refuse to hire anyone who’s uninsured, for doing so can place the homeowner or business at greater risk.

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Should Skilled Tradespeople Carry a Handyman Policy?

While people who are formally trained in a specific trade may share many insurance needs in common with general handymen, skilled tradespeople also often have more specialized insurance needs. Instead of a basic handyman policy, these workers are often better off with a policy that’s developed for their particular line of work. For example, electricians usually find that electrician insurance better needs their needs and plumbers normally get plumbing insurance.

Anyone who’s unsure whether a handyman or other type of insurance policy is better for their situation should speak with an insurance agent who specializes in handyman and similar insurance policies. A specialized agent will be able to provide informed advice based on an individual’s situation. 

Can Workers Get Coverage Through an Employer?

Workers who are employees of a company may be protected by an employer-sponsored handyman plan. Those who work as sole proprietors or independent contractors, however, typically are not protected by such a policy and need their own self-employed handyman insurance. 

What Coverages Does Self-Employed Handyman Insurance Provide?

Since policyholders frequently have the ability to adjust their policy’s particular coverages, the protections that any one self-employed handyman insurance policy provides can vary. Nevertheless, there are some coverages that many policies include as standard or optional protections. A few of these include:

How Much Does Self-Employed Handyman Insurance Cost?

Premiums for self-employed handyman insurance policies vary, just as they do for many other commercial insurance policies. A few of the factors that can influence how much coverage costs are:

  • Where a handyman business is located
  • What area the business serves
  • What type of work the business does
  • What equipment the business uses
  • What coverages and limits are chosen

Despite the variance in premiums, however, handyman policies tend to have affordable premiums. Their cost is almost certainly less than what facing a major claim with no protection in place could be, and the premiums fit within most handymen’s budgets.

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How Can Handymen in Massachusetts Get Handyman Insurance?

For help finding handyman insurance, contact the independent insurance agents at Roger Butler Insurance. Our agents have the freedom to show you policies from multiple insurance companies in Massachusetts, and they have the expertise to help you select the best available option.

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