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High Value Home Insurance in Massachusetts

What is High Value Homeowners Insurance?

High value homeowners insurance is a robust form of homeowners coverage that’s designed to meet the insurance needs of residents whose homes are worth a lot. Not only do these residents need extra coverage for their house, but they often also need additional protection for their personal possessions and themselves.


High value home insurance policies usually offer the same main coverages as standard homeowners policies. Policies typically include:

  • Dwelling Coverage, for the primary residence on a property
  • Secondary Structures Coverage, for other buildings and structures on a property
  • Personal Property Coverage, for a policyholder’s personal belongings
  • Liability Coverage, for certain lawsuits in which the policyholder is accused of causing injury or damage


When these coverages are included in high value home insurance policies, their terms tend to be more generous and their limits usually higher than when the coverages are included in standard policies. For example, a standard homeowners insurance policy might limit coverage for specific possessions, such as firearms, jewelry, and electronics, to just $1,000. A high value policy may have a higher limit, perhaps $10,000, on such items, and it may have fewer exclusions for specific possessions.


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What Else Should You Know?

In addition to these common coverages, high value homeowners policies often provide a number of other protections. Some additional coverages that a policy could offer are:

  • Living Expenses Coverage, which might provide living expenses if a covered incident renders a home uninhabitable
  • Coverage for Refrigerated Food, which could help replace food that spoils in a covered power outage
  • Sewer and Drain Backup Coverage, which may cover damage that plumbing backups cause
  • Coverage to Rebuild to Code, which might help cover additional rebuilding expenses that are required to rebuild a home so that it meets current codes

These other coverages are sometimes available through standard homeowners policies, but they’re usually offered as optional policies that homeowners must pay more for. In high value policies, many of these extra coverages are included automatically at no additional charge.

What Massachusetts Residents May Benefit from High Value Homeowners Insurance?

The threshold that a home’s value must meet in order to qualify for a high value homeowners policy varies from insurer to insurer. Some insurers in Massachusetts offer high value policies for homes that are worth a few hundred thousand dollars, while other insurance companies design their high value policies for homes that are worth at least $750,000 or $1 million.

Because insurers begin offering high value policies at different thresholds, homeowners with valuable homes can often find at least one insurer who offers high value policies designed for homes like theirs -- regardless of whether their home is house in Westfield, MA that’s worth a few hundred thousand dollars or a mansion worth several million in Boston, MA.

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How Can Massachusetts Residents Get High Value Homeowners Insurance?

The easiest way to compare different high value home insurance policies is by contacting an independent homeowners insurance agent. Most agents in Massachusetts who help residents find homeowners policies are familiar with high value policies, and independent ones can quickly get quotes from multiple insurers at once. Once an agent has several quotes, they can help a homeowner compare different policies and select the one that provides the right coverages.

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