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Hotel Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Hotel Insurance?

Hotels offer guests a wide array of services, and each service that a hotel offers exposes the business to certain risks. These include property, liability and other risks. Hotel insurance helps protect hotels in Massachusetts from many of the risks they face.

Hotel insurance is a form of commercial insurance that’s designed to meet the risk mitigation needs of hotel businesses. Most policies are underwritten as package policies, coming with multiple individual coverages, and businesses can often adjust the coverages in their policy to suit their specific situation.

Is Your Business Protected?

What Businesses in Massachusetts Need a Hotel Policy?

Generally speaking, the vast majority of hotel businesses in Massachusetts can benefit from the protections provided by hotel policies. Almost every hotel has substantial risk exposure, and this is normally the best type of insurance for these businesses.

Some other businesses, such as motels, inns, lodges, and bed and breakfasts, have many insurance needs that are similar to those of hotels. These businesses should speak with an insurance agent who specializes in hotel policies to see whether this is the right insurance for them. Sometimes these businesses can adapt a hotel policy to their needs, but other times a slightly different insurance policy is necessary. A specialized agent will have the expertise necessary to make a determination regarding policy type.

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What Protections Do Hotel Policies Offer?

Depending on their terms and conditions, there are many protections that hotel policies might offer as standard or optional coverages. Many of these can be categorized into hotel liability insurance coverages and hotel property insurance coverages.

Some of the hotel liability insurance coverages that a hotel business, depending on the services it offers, might want are:

  • General Liability Coverage, which might protect against common accidents occurring on a hotel’s property
  • Premises Pollution Liability Coverage, which might protect against guest illnesses caused by airborne contaminants or mold spores
  • Cyber Liability Coverage, which might protect against data breaches that result in compromised guest information
  • Employment Practices Liability Coverage, which might protect against discrimination allegations and some other suits brought by employees
  • Food-borne Illnesses Liability Coverage, which might protect against illnesses spread through improperly prepared foods that guests are served
  • Liquor Liability Coverage, which might be necessary if a hotel offers alcoholic beverages
  • Commercial Auto Liability Coverage, which might be necessary if a hotel operates a shuttle

Some of the hotel property insurance coverages that a hotel might need or want are:

  • General Property Coverage, which might cover a hotel’s building and other structures
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which might cover essential equipment in the event it malfunctions
  • Food Spoilage Coverage, which might cover foods that spoil following a covered disaster

In addition to these, hotels might also add business interruption coverage, utility interruption coverage, crime coverage or any of many other protections to their policy. A knowledgeable insurance agent can assist with selecting a combination fo hotel liability insurance and other insurance coverages that will provide robust protection.

Do Hotels Need Workers Compensation Coverage?

Most hotels have employees and are required to carry workers compensation coverage as a result. This coverage normally provides compensation for medical bills and lost wages if employees become ill or injured while working.

Although most hotels need workers compensation, this is one protection that’s frequently not found among hotel policies’ offerings. Instead, it’s often purchased through a separate, stand-alone policy.

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How Can Hotels in Massachusetts Get Hotel Insurance?

For help insuring a hotel in Massachusetts, contact the independent and experienced insurance agents at Roger Butler Insurance. Our team has worked with many hotels and similar businesses in the state, and we have the expertise necessary to find your hotel a hotel insurance policy with solid protections.

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