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House Cleaning Insurance in Massachusetts

What is House Cleaning Insurance?

Cleaning homes can be profitable work, but it involves certain potential risks. Accidents and accusations can result in injuries, property loss and liability lawsuits, and businesses must be prepared for these potential perils. House cleaning insurance helps home cleaners in Massachusetts protect themselves from many of the risks they face.

House cleaning insurance is a form of commercial insurance that’s crafted to meet the needs of people and businesses that clean homes. Most policies are package policies that contain multiple coverages, so they’re able to provide policyholders with a variety of protections.

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Who in Massachusetts Needs Home Cleaning Insurance?

Most people and businesses that clean homes in Massachusetts for a fee should consider carrying home cleaning insurance.

While helping a friend or neighbor clean as a friendly gesture normally doesn’t require a commercial insurance policy, purchasing a policy is normally appropriate as soon as a fee is charged for the service. Cleaning typically becomes a business at this point, and home cleaning insurance is normally the most suitable type of policy for this kind of business.

Anyone who’s unsure whether they should get home cleaning insurance can speak with an agent who specializes in this type of policy. An agent who’s familiar with the risks that accompany cleaning houses and knows what coverages are available will be able to provide informed advice based on a particular situation.

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What Coverages Do House Cleaning Policies Provide?

As mentioned, there’s a variety of coverages that house cleaning policies might make available. Some of the more commonly selected protections include:

Do House Cleaners Who Use Their Personal Vehicles Need Commercial Auto Coverage?

When a vehicle is used for both personal and professional driving, selecting appropriate auto coverage requires careful consideration. Most personal auto policies don’t include coverage for work driving among their standard protections, but a few might be adapted by adding an optional feature that extends protection to limited work driving. In other cases, a commercial policy must be purchased.

A knowledgeable insurance agent can help home cleaners who use their personal vehicle for work evaluate their coverage needs and find a suitable auto policy.

Do House Cleaners Need Workers Compensation Coverage?

House cleaning businesses that hire employees are generally required by state law to carry workers compensation in case their employees are injured while working. Individuals who are self-employed and have no employees may not be legally required to carry this coverage, but getting it is sometimes still wise in case health insurance doesn’t cover work-related injuries.

Workers compensation, however, often is purchased apart from a house cleaning policy. Agents who are familiar with house cleaning policies frequently also can assist with workers compensation coverage, but the coverage is typically obtained via a separate policy.

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Do House Cleaners Need Surety Bonds?

Homeowners generally don’t ask whether their house cleaner carries a surety bond, but some larger organizations may only work with cleaners who do have a bond. A bond often isn’t necessary when starting out, but it might be appropriate if a business grows and offers broader janitorial services.

Business owners who do need a surety bond can talk with their agent about purchasing one. Many insurance companies offer these bonds.

How Can House Cleaners in Massachusetts Get House Cleaning Insurance?

For help finding house cleaning insurance, contact the independent insurance agents at Roger Butler Insurance. Our Massachusetts agents have helped many individuals and businesses in this line of work, and we’re ready to assist you.

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