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Landscaping Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Landscaping Insurance?

Landscaping insurance is a form of business insurance that’s designed to meet the specific insurance needs of landscapers and lawn care professionals. Most landscaping policies are set up as package policies that include several individual policies. Landscapers can often get a discount by purchasing these individual policies together, through a landscaping policy.

Landscaping policies are sometimes referred to as lawn care policies, because lawn care accounts for a large portion of most landscapers’ work. These policies can be adjusted to protect both lawn care services and landscapers whose jobs involve much more than lawn care.

What Businesses in Massachusetts Should Consider Lawn Care Insurance?

Most Massachusetts businesses that are in the landscaping or lawn care industry ought to consider getting at least some lawn care insurance. This includes everyone from sole proprietors who mow and trim lawns in just one city, such as an individual who runs a part-time lawn care business in Amesbury, MA, to full-service landscaping companies that have operations in multiple cities, perhaps including everywhere from Northampton, MA to Boston, MA.

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What Coverages Does Lawn Care Insurance Include?

Being package policies, lawn care policies can include many different coverages. Many of the coverages can be categorized into liability coverages, which may protect a business against wrongdoing and making mistakes, and property coverage, which can help insure the property that a business owns.

A policy may include both broad and narrow liability coverages, including any or all of the following:

  • General Liability Coverage, which is a broad protection that many businesses obtain
  • Errors and Omissions Coverage, which may be appropriate if a landscaping service provides consultation services or advice
  • Pollution Coverage, which might cover environmental contamination caused by sprays, pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers

Needs may vary based on:

  • Commercial Property Coverage, which may cover a business’ building (if it owns a building), equipment, and tools in most situations
  • Inland Marine Insurance, which might be necessary to protect a business’ equipment when it’s in transit to and from clients’ sites
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which could help pay to repair equipment if it breaks down during a covered incident

Landscapers usually also need commercial auto insurance, since they typically drive to and from clients’ job sites. Commercial auto policies are sometimes included in landscaping package policies, and they’re sometimes purchased separately, as stand-alone policies. 

Does Lawn Care Insurance Include Workers Compensation Coverage?

Most Massachusetts businesses that have employees are required, by state law, to carry workers compensation insurance. Workers compensation coverage is rarely included in landscaping insurance policies, though. Instead, it’s normally purchased as a separate policy.

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How Can Landscapers Get the Lawn Care Insurance They Need?

Independent insurance agents are able to help landscapers and lawn care professionals in Massachusetts find landscaping insurance policies that are good for them. Independent agents aren’t obligated to promote a particular insurance provider, so they can compare policies from many insurers to find the one that provides the best coverage for a particular landscaping or lawn care business.

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