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Malpractice Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Malpractice Liability Insurance?

Professionals are expected to correctly apply their knowledge and skill to work they’re hired for. People are, after all, hiring them for their expertise and experience. Should they make a mistake, professionals may be held responsible for any injury or damage that their error causes. Malpractice insurance, helps protect Massachusetts professionals from lawsuits filed against them over mistakes that they make.

Malpractice liability insurance is a form of liability insurance that’s specifically designed to help protect professionals from covered lawsuits where they’re charged with making an error. When a client, customer or patient makes a covered allegation, a malpractice policy will typically pay legal expenses and settlements associated with the suit (as long as they don’t exceed the policy’s limits).

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What Massachusetts Professionals Need Malpractice Insurance?

Malpractice insurance may be appropriate for any Massachusetts professional who would face severe consequences if they made a mistake while working. Some specific types of professionals that frequently purchase this kind of insurance are:

  • Doctors and other medical providers
  • Estheticians and other cosmetology professionals
  • Tradespeople, contractors and others professionals in the construction industry
  • Engineers (including all kinds of engineers)
  • Certified public accountants and other professionals in accounting


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Can Professionals Get Malpractice Liability Insurance Through Their Employers?

Professionals who are employed by a business, company or organization may have some malpractice liability insurance coverage through their employer, for many businesses and organizations that employ professionals have some form of malpractice coverage. Before relying on an employer’s malpractice policy for protection, however, professionals should first make sure that it meets all of their needs.

Not only should the policy’s coverage provide the protections that a professional want, but it should also cover all of the work-related related activities they do -- including volunteer, pro bono or consulting work in their field. Many employer’s policies only cover professionals when they’re working for the employer, not when they’re using their expertise for other volunteer or paying projects. Thus, professionals may be uncovered when they’re working or volunteering for themselves or other parties.

Professionals who don’t have sufficient coverage or coverage for all of their work and volunteer activities typically need to purchase their own malpractice policy.

How Much Does a Malpractice Policy Cost?

How much a professional will have to pay for malpractice insurance depends on lots of factors. Two significant ones are where a professional works and what field they’re in. For instance, a lawyer in Boston, MA, surgeon in Worcester, MA and esthetician in North Hampton, MA will almost certainly have different rates because their risk exposure is drastically different. In some cases, premiums may be significant. In other cases, malpractice policies are highly affordable.

Even when malpractice coverage is expensive, though, professionals are often wise to purchase this insurance. If a professional is ever sued, the legal fees alone could be costly -- not to mention any settlements if they’re found guilty of an error. Without a malpractice policy, these expenses could be financially devastating.

How Can Massachusetts Professionals Get Malpractice Liability Insurance?

Professionals in Massachusetts who want help finding a malpractice insurance policy should contact an independent insurance agent near them. An independent agent can help a professional select coverages and compare policies so they get one that meets their particular insurance needs. Moreover, professionals can be confident that they're selecting the best available policy when they work with an independent insurance agent, because independent agents are free to show clients policies from any insurer in the state.

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