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Masonry Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Masonry Insurance?

Masonry work can be personally rewarding and provide a financially stable career. The work isn’t without risk, however, and a single major incident could have devastating long-term consequences. While insurance won’t prevent something from happening, masonry insurance policies can help Massachusetts masons protect themselves from many of the risks they face.

Masonry insurance is specialized commercial insurance for mason professionals and their businesses. So that these policies can give masons the multiple protections they need, the policies usually come as package policies that combine multiple coverages together.

Who in Massachusetts is Masonry Contractor Insurance For?

Most masonry professionals in Massachusetts should consider protecting themselves and their businesses with masonry contractor insurance. Few in the field are prepared to face a major loss or lawsuit without protection in place, and these policies tend to be the most suited to professionals who specialize in the field.

Businesses that aren’t so specialized may find that another insurance policy better meets their needs. A business that does masonry work alongside other construction work, for example, might be better suited by a contractor's policy or another type of insurance policy. 

Professionals who aren’t sure whether masonry contractor insurance or another insurance product is best for them can talk with an insurance agent who specializes in these policies. A specialized agent can review a particular situation and make a recommendation accordingly.

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What Protections Does Masonry Contractor Insurance Make Available?

Masonry contractor insurance policies can come with a variety of coverages, although any given set of protections can vary from one policy to another. The following are some of the more important protections that the policies commonly offer:

Should Self-Employed Masons Carry a Masonry Contractor Policy?

Masons who work for themselves normally can benefit from the protections that a masonry contractor policy provides. Although self-employed contractors might run smaller businesses, even small businesses can sustain a loss or be named in a lawsuit. Having insurance can play an important role in protecting against these risks.

Should Subcontractors Who Work as Masons Carry Their Own Masonry Contractor Policy?

Whether subcontractors in the field need their own masonry contractor policy is often dependent upon the general contractors’ insurance. Some general contractors’ policies recognize subcontractors as “additional insureds” and extend them certain protections. Not all general contractors’ policies do this, though.

An insurance agent who’s familiar with masonry contractor policies can check a general contractor’s policy to see whether any protections are extended.

How Much Do Masonry Contractor Policies Cost?

Premiums for masonry contractors' policies vary, because they’re calculated base on many variables. A mason’s location, size of work, scope of work and past claims history are just a few of the details that can impact rates. 

Even with variance among policy premiums, these policies tend to be affordable. An independent insurance agent can help masons find out how much the protections they need would cost.

How Can Masons in Massachusetts Get Masonry Insurance?

For help finding masonry insurance in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at Roger Butler Insurance. Our agents will help you determine your particular coverage needs, and then we can compare quotes from multiple insurance companies with you. We’ll make sure you’re confident in the policy that you ultimately select.

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