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What is Medical Spa Insurance?

The nature of medical spas services exposes these businesses to significant risk, with the businesses facing both potential property and potential liability perils. Medical spa insurance offers spas in Massachusetts protection against many of the risks they face.

Medical spa insurance is a form of commercial insurance that’s uniquely tailored to the needs of medical spas. Because spas typically have multiple risks to mitigate against, these policies usually come with multiple coverages that get bundled together. In most cases, spas can choose exactly what coverages are included in their policy.

What Massachusetts Spas is Med Spa Insurance Right For?

Most medical spas located in Massachusetts ought to have med spa insurance. Not carrying insurance can leave a spa dangerously exposed to potential risks, and this is typically the most appropriate commercial policy for these businesses.

Notably, these policies generally aren’t suitable for day spas. Because day spas offer different services, they have different insurance meets. Those needs are often better met by a day spa policy.

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What Protections Does Med Span Insurance Come With?

As mentioned, spas can usually customize the coverages within their particular med spa insurance policy. There are many different coverages that a spa may choose from, including both property coverages and liability coverages.

Property coverages primarily guard physical assets that a business has, and there are several different property coverages available:

Liability coverages primarily guard against situations where another party might hold a business responsible for injury, damage or other harm. Numerous liability coverages are available to spas:

  • General Liability Coverage, which might cover slip-and-fall accidents, other basic accidents and defamation claims
  • Product Liability Coverage, which might cover injuries and damage caused by products that are sold or used in treatments
  • Anesthetist Liability Coverage, which might cover RN anesthetists who are employed by a spa
  • Professional Liability Coverage, which might cover non-RN employees if they make a mistake
  • Cyber Liability Coverage, which might cover data if it’s compromised in an online attack or accidental breach
  • Regulatory fines and Penalties Coverage, which might cover certain regulatory violations
  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage, which might cover large lawsuits by providing a secondary layer of protection.

Spas can get help sorting through all of the available coverage options by talking with an insurance agent who specializes in these types of policies. 

Does Med Spa Insurance Come With Workers Compensation Coverage?

Workers compensation coverage is an important protection that most Massachusetts businesses with employees are required to carry. The protection generally provides compensation for covered workplace injuries and illnesses, which certainly can occur when working in a medical spa setting. Thus, most medical spas in the state need this coverage.

Many medical spa policies don’t include workers compensation among their protections, however. Instead, spas typically purchase this coverage through a separate policy. Workers compensation policies are readily available, and an agent who’s familiar with medical spa policies can likely also assist with workers comp.

How Can Spas Get Medical Spa Insurance?

If you need insurance for a medical spa located in Massachusetts, contact Roger Butler Insurance. Our independent agents can help you compare quotes from several insurers since we’re an independent agency, and we have the expertise needed to help you choose a solid medical spa insurance policy. With our assistance, you can feel confident that your spa is protected well.

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