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Motorcycle Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Motorcycle Insurance?

While practicing safe driving and wearing safety gear can help, Massachusetts also requires that all motorcycles be properly registered and have motorcycle insurance to cover your financial obligations when accidents occur on or to your ride.

Why Do You Need Motorcycle Insurance?

From potholes to inattentive drivers, motorcycle riders must deal with many risks each time they get on the road. When accidents occur, they can be extremely expensive, leaving you without a bike and with bills to pay. Motorcycle insurance is designed to help provide financial protections for accidents and damages. It is structured similarly to Massachusetts auto coverage, but is tailored to the specific needs of motorcycle riders.


In addition to the state required minimum insurance coverage, you can add additional options onto your motorcycle policy for more complete coverage. Some options you may want to consider are:

- Collision Insurance, for damages to your vehicle sustained in a collision

- Comprehensive Insurance, for damages sustained from non-collision events, such as fire or theft

- Accessory Coverage, to help pay to restore any custom features to your bike, including side cars, custom paint jobs, and other add-ons


Let's talk about what you need!

motorcycle insurance Coverages in MA

In MA, all vehicles, including motorcycles, must be registered and insured prior to being driven. Minimum insurance requirements (as of 2017) include:

- Bodily Injury Liability; $20,000 per person/$40,000 per accident.

- Personal Injury Protection; $8,000 per accident.

- Underinsured Motorist Coverage; $20,000 per person/$40,000 per accident.

- Property Damage Coverage; $5,000 per accident.

The state also has safety requirements that all motorcycle riders and passengers must follow. Everyone must wear a helmet and eye protection, for their safety. Motorcycles must be inspected yearly, and follow all equipment regulations as set forth by the state. Failure to do so could result in a loss of your license and fines.

Optional Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

You may also want to purchase additional liability coverage. This excess coverage will help cover any losses or damages you are responsible for in a more complete manner, reducing your out-of-pocket costs in an accident.

Motorcyclists can help reduce their premium costs in a variety of ways. Because the roads in MA are typically not suitable for riding in the winter months, many carriers offer seasonal coverage, reducing or eliminating your benefits – and your costs – during the off-season. However, you must be sure your insurance is in full effect up to state minimums before taking your bike out for a ride. Also, if you pass a safety course approved by MREP, you can receive up to a 10% discount on your coverage.

Learn How to Protect Yourself!

Riding a motorcycle is an exciting and enjoyable way to get around, but you must drive responsibly. Proper safety gear and following all state laws can help decrease your risk of serious accidents and injuries while riding. Purchasing motorcycle insurance is also important and required by the state of Massachusetts.

Wrapping It Up

For many motorcycle riders, getting on their bike provides a sense of freedom and excitement unmatched by other modes of transportation. However, experienced riders know that motorcyclists are at increased risk for personal injuries, damages, and accidents -- so make sure you are properly covered! 

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