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Movers Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Movers Insurance?

Moving people’s and businesses’ belongings from one location to another can be profitable work, but it comes with several risks. Moving companies need to consider what could happen to their equipment, what could happen to customers’ belongings and what liability suits could be filed if something went awry during a move (or at another time). In order to protect themselves from many of the risks they face, most moving companies in Massachusetts should have movers insurance.

Movers insurance is a specialized form of commercial insurance that’s uniquely designed to meet the risk mitigation of moving companies and similar businesses. In order to protect these companies from the multifold risks that they face, movers policies are normally written as package policies that have several individual coverages combined together.

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What Businesses in Massachusetts Need Moving Company Insurance?

As mentioned, most moving companies in Massachusetts should have moving company insurance in place. A few particular examples of businesses that’ll likely find this insurance is well-suited for them include:

  • Local moving companies
  • Regional moving companies
  • Inter-state and long-distance moving companies
  • Moving companies that use storage units

To not carry insurance can leave a business dangerously exposed to risk, and certain minimum insurance coverages are necessary per state law.

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What Coverages Does Moving Company Insurance Provide?

The exact coverages that a specific moving company insurance policy provides depend on that policy’s particular terms and options, but there are several protections that policies commonly make available. Some of the more widely available coverages include:

An insurance agent who specializes in this type of insurance can explain the exact coverage options of a particular policy in detail.

Do Moving Company Policies Include Workers Compensation?

Most moving companies have employees and are required to maintain workers compensation insurance as a result. Whether workers compensation is purchased within a moving company policy or separate from one varies, though. If the insurance must be purchased separately, an insurance agent who’s familiar with moving company policies can likely also help find a suitable workers compensation policy.

How Much Do Moving Company Policies Cost?

Moving company policies vary in price because their premiums are based on many different factors. Some of the items that can affect how much a policy costs include:

  • How small or large a moving company is
  • How many employees a moving company has
  • Where a moving company is located
  • What type of vehicles a moving company uses
  • What coverages and limits a moving company chooses

An independent insurance agent can help companies get quotes from multiple insurance companies to see what different insurers will charge them. Unlike captive agents that often promote a specific insurance company, independent agents generally can show policies from many different companies. This makes comparing rates easy.

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How Can Moving Companies in Massachusetts Get Movers Insurance?

For help finding movers insurance, contact the Massachusetts insurance agents of Roger Butler Insurance. Our independent agency can help you compare quotes from several insurers in the state, and we have the expertise needed to help you select the policy that’ll provide your company with the best protection at an affordable price.

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