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Moving Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Moving Insurance?

Relocating always comes with some risk, for belongings are generally more likely to be damaged, destroyed, stolen or lost when they’re moved than when they’re kept at home. Moving insurance helps Massachusetts residents who are relocating protect against the potential damage or loss of belongings during a relocation.

Moving insurance policies are unique policies that have been specifically designed to help protect belongings during relocations. Since these are such unique policies, individuals should work with an insurance agent who’s familiar with moving policies when selecting one for a relocation. A knowledgeable agent will be able to offer insights on what coverages most people get and when those coverages are helpful.


Who in Massachusetts is a Moving Policy Right For?

Broadly speaking, the majority of Massachusetts residents who are relocating can likely benefit from having a moving policy in place. This includes people who are moving across-state or out-of-state, as well as those who are merely going to a new house around the corner. After all, belongings can be damaged or lost in a move regardless of how far the relocation is.

Additionally, businesses may also want to purchase this type of policy if they’re relocating to a new office, store or facility. This is one of the few insurances that are largely similar for both individuals and businesses.

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Is Coverage Available Through Moving Companies?

Many moving companies offer some coverage for belongings in their care as a standard feature, and some make additional coverage available for a fee. Any standard coverage that’s offered is usually quite limited, however, and any optional coverage offered tends to be expensive.

When a moving company offers standard coverage, the coverage is commonly expressed as an amount per pound. A moving company might provide 30 cents of coverage for every pound of belongings that are damaged or lost, for instance. Obviously, this frequently results in coverage that’s far lower than the value of belongings because most things are worth more than 30 cents per pound.

When a moving company offers optional coverage, the coverage is frequently marked up to provide the moving company with a commission. This can increase the cost of these policies, and it’s usually not the moving company that actually underwrites them.

In contrast to these two options, comparing moving policies with an independent agent tends to be an easier way to procure adequate coverage at an affordable price. An agent can help residents assess their actual coverage needs, and an independent agent has the freedom to show different insurers’ policies that meet those coverage needs.

Are Belongings Covered by Homeowners Insurance When Moving?

Whether belongings are covered by a homeowners insurance policy during a move depends on the specifics of the policy and the particulars of the move. While some policies might provide “worldwide coverage” that extends protection to almost anywhere that belongings are, not all policies offer this protection and there can be some exclusions to the protection. In some cases, belongings may only be covered when actually at an insured property and/or not in the care of a third-party mover.

If homeowners insurance doesn’t cover belongings during a move, a moving policy can often be used to fill in this gap.

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How Can Massachusetts Residents Get Moving Insurance?

For help finding moving insurance to cover your belongings during an upcoming relocation, contact the independent Massachusetts insurance agents of Roger Butler Insurance. Our team has the expertise to help you assess your actual coverage needs, and they can assist you in finding a moving policy that meets those needs

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