Painters Insurance in Massachusetts

What Is Painters Insurance?

Painting can be rewarding and profitable work, but it comes with certain risks. Painters insurance helps painters in Massachusetts shield themselves from many of the risks they’re exposed to.

Painters insurance is a specialized form of commercial insurance that’s crafted to meet the insurance needs of painters. Policies are typically underwritten as package policies and combine several coverages together.

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What Massachusetts Businesses Need Painting Insurance?

Most businesses that offer residential or commercial painting services in Massachusetts should have painting insurance. This includes (but isn’t necessarily limited to):

  • Part- and full-time individuals who paint
  • Businesses that specialize in painting services
  • Other businesses that offer painting on the side
  • Nonprofits that paint homes of people in need

Moreover, painters usually need insurance regardless of their business’ legal structure. Insurance policies usually offer different protections than the protections that sole proprietorships, LLCs and other corporate structures afford.

Anyone who’s unsure whether their business needs this form of insurance should contact an agent who specializes in painting policies. A specialized agent will be able to determine whether this or some other type of insurance is appropriate given a business’ specific situation.

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What Coverages Does Painting Insurance Include?

Some of the coverages that a painters policy might make available as a standard or optional protection include:

Do Painters Need Workers Compensation Coverage?

Painting businesses in Massachusetts that have employees generally need to carry workers compensation coverage, for state law requires most businesses that employ workers to carry this protection for their workers.

In certain cases, painters who don’t have employees might still want this coverage. Standard health insurance plans sometimes don’t cover injuries that occur while working, which can leave painters with a coverage gap if they’re hurt while painting. Workers compensation coverage is designed to insure against work-related injuries and illnesses, and may be able to fill in this gap.

Depending on a business’ specific painting insurance policy, workers compensation coverage may be purchased through the policy or a separate policy that offers only this coverage. Agents who assist with painting policies can usually also help explore workers compensation options.

What is a Certificate of Insurance?

A certificate of insurance is a standard document that businesses often use to show they carry certain levels of liability insurance. Homeowners and businesses may ask to see a copy of a business’ certificate before hiring them. Painters who carry insurance but don’t have a certificate copy readily available can usually obtain one by contacting their insurance agent.

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How Much Does Painting Insurance Cost?

Insurance companies consider several factors when setting premiums for painting policies. A few of the items they might consider include:

  • Where a painting business is located
  • How large the business is
  • How many vehicles the business has
  • What coverages and limits are chosen

How Can Painters Get Painters Insurance?

For help finding painters insurance that provides the coverages you need, contact the independent insurance agents at Roger Butler Insurance. Our agents have worked with many painting businesses in Massachusetts, and they have the expertise necessary to help you find a policy that has the right protections. Since we’re an independent agency, our agents can recommend the right policy regardless of what insurance company offers it.

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