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Paramedic Malpractice Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Paramedic Malpractice Insurance?

Medical first responders make significant sacrifices to provide care for people in acute situations, but sacrifice alone doesn’t absolve responders of the responsibility that comes with their work. Paramedics, EMTs and others sometimes literally have other people’s lives in their hands, and they could be held responsible if they ever make a mistake in these (or other non-life-threatening) situations. Paramedic malpractice insurance generally helps financially protect first responders in Massachusetts from some liability risks that accompany the work they do.

Paramedic malpractice insurance is a specialized form of medical malpractice insurance that’s uniquely designed for medical first responders. While policies may not be as robust as what physicians carry, the protections that these policies provide still are often extremely important and usually better meed first responders’ risk mitigation needs.

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Who in Massachusetts Needs EMT Malpractice Insurance?

Broadly speaking, the vast majority of medical first responders working in Massachusetts ought to carry paramedic or EMT malpractice insurance. This normally includes paramedics and emergency medical technicians (of all levels), and wilderness first responders might also want coverage in certain situations.

Because both paramedics and EMTs purchase this coverage, policies the terms “paramedic malpractice” and “EMT malpractice insurance” are often used interchangeably. Whatever term is used to describe a policy, the policy can often be adjusted to suit the particular needs of a medical first responder’s position and employment situation.

Anyone who’s unsure whether this or another type of insurance is more appropriate for their situation should speak with an insurance agent who specializes in these policies. A specialized agent will be familiar with what protections these policies afford, and they can help responders determine whether these protections properly protect responders or another type of policy is needed.

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Do Medical First Responders Have EMT Malpractice Insurance Through Their Employers?

Many medical first responders receive at least some malpractice liability coverage through their employer or volunteer organization, but this coverage doesn’t always adequately cover responders if there’s a major claim or lawsuit. Additionally, any coverage that is provided usually doesn’t extend to care that’s not within the scope of employment.

For these reasons, responders should review their employer-provided coverage carefully with a knowledgeable agent before assuming that it gives them solid protection. Sometimes an additional individual policy can help bolster protection, and an agent can assist with both determining whether an individual policy makes sense and purchasing one if one is indeed needed.

What Types of Incidents Do Paramedic Malpractice Policies Cover?

Exactly what almost any insurance policy covers is determined by that policy’s terms, conditions and exclusions, and paramedic malpractice policies are no exception. Depending on what a paramedic malpractice policy’s terms are, the policy might cover incidents like the following:

  • An incorrect assessment of a patient’s condition compromises care
  • A patient is incorrectly stabilized or transported
  • A wrong medication is administered to a patient
  • An improperly organized vehicle leads to a patient injury during transportation
  • An error is made on a patient’s records

There are many other care-related mistakes and errors that policies might cover.

How Much Do Paramedic Malpractice Policies Cost?

The additional protection that paramedic malpractice policies provide is usually available for a relatively low cost. While premiums for policies can vary, most tend to be affordable because insurers recognize what paramedics, EMTs and other medical first responders are paid.

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How Can Medical First Responders in Massachusetts Get Paramedic Malpractice Insurance?

For help finding paramedic malpractice insurance that’ll give you robust protection, contact the independent insurance agents of Roger Butler Insurance. Our Massachusetts agents can help you review any coverage your employer provides, request quotes for individual policies from multiple insurance companies and determine how best to obtain the various protections that you need.

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