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What is Personal Trainer Insurance?

Working as a personal trainer can be rewarding, but it’s work that comes with some inherent risks. Most prominently, trainers can face a number of liability risks if something goes wrong with a client. Personal trainer insurance is available to help trainers in Massachusetts shield themselves from a range of liability risks they might face.

Personal trainer insurance is specialized liability insurance for trainers. The exact coverages afforded depend on a policy’s terms, but they usually extend to both legal fees and settlements associated with covered claims.

What Massachusetts Professionals is Personal Training Insurance Right For?

Most personal trainers in Massachusetts need some form of liability protection. How trainers receive that protection often depends on their employment situation, though.

Trainers who are self-employed or subcontract at fitness centers probably need to purchase their own personal training insurance. Self-employed trainers generally don’t receive insurance from another organization. They might get some coverage if subcontracting with a center, but this isn’t guaranteed and can be limited even when offered.

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Trainers who are full-fledged employees of a fitness center are more likely to receive at least some coverage through their employer. Centers normally carry an insurance policy that extends liability protection to trainer employees who make errors within their normal scope of duties.

Importantly, any employer-provided coverage usually only extends to work that’s done for the employer. Side gigs (e.g. park yoga classes, private clients) are frequently excluded, so these sorts of work can necessitate another insurance policy.

Any trainers who are unsure of their insurance situation and policy needs should speak with an insurance agent who specializes in personal trainer policies. An agent will be able to make recommendations after reviewing a trainer’s particular coverage and risk exposure.

What Protections Are Included in Personal Training Insurance?

Personal training insurance may include several distinct liability protections within a single policy. Some of the more notable protections to look for are:

  • General Liability Coverage, which often covers common (non-training) accidents and select other lawsuits
  • Professional Liability Coverage, which often covers errors in work and the resulting harm that they cause
  • Product Liability Coverage, which often covers harm that’s caused by used or sold products (e.g. equipment)

Some other coverages may be available as well. A knowledgeable agent can go over all coverage options.

Do Personal Trainer Policies Include Property Protections?

While coverage for property might be available within a policy, personal trainer policies typically don’t include coverage for property as a standard feature. Many trainers have no or negligible business property, and therefore may be able to forgo any property coverages.

Trainers who do own offices, substantial exercise equipment, large product inventories or other property generally can find property coverages that suit their needs. Again, this is something that an experienced agent can assist with.

Do Personal Trainer Policies Extend Coverage to In-Home Services?

Personal trainers who offer in-home services face unique risks. Whether a specific policy protects against these risks is dependent upon the policy’s terms, conditions and exclusions. These should be carefully reviewed to make sure that a chosen policy adequately covers any in-home services that are offered.

How Can Trainers Working in Massachusetts Get Personal Trainer Insurance?

If you need help finding personal trainer insurance in Massachusetts, contact us at Roger Butler Insurance. Our independent agents will help explore policy options from multiple insurance companies in the state, and then assist you in selecting the best one from what’s available. When the process is done, you can have confidence that you’re protected well.

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