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Personal Umbrella Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Personal Umbrella Insurance?

You try to be a responsible person. Once you’ve purchased homeowners and auto insurance, you may think you’re covered for most accidents that may occur. Though these are important policies for Massachusetts homeowners and drivers to have, some accidents or events may extend beyond the coverage they provide. With personal umbrella insurance, you can extend and broaden your liability coverage for more comprehensive protection.

Like all insurance policies, your Massachusetts homeowners and auto insurance policies have limits to their liability coverage designed to protect against most common situations you may face. However, if you are responsible for an accident or injuries that exceed these limits, the remainder will have to be paid out of pocket, putting you in a precarious financial situation. Umbrella insurance is an affordable option to add additional liability coverage for these situations.

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What is Personal Umbrella Insurance Coverage Useful For?

Just as with other liability coverage, personal umbrella liability insurance provides financial protections when your actions or negligence cause damage or injury to others. With typical limits between $300,000 and $500,000, other liability insurance may not completely cover you for more serious situations such as:

• Multi-car accidents with extensive injuries
• Swimming pool or playset accidents

• Dog bites
• Boating accidents

• Slander Lawsuits 

Umbrella policies may also cover situations that are not covered by your other insurance, so it’s important to understand the policy you are purchasing. Your policy may also cover all members of your household, making it a valuable addition to your insurance portfolio.

Additional Coverages for You

A personal umbrella policy can extend your coverage to $1-$5+ million, limiting your out of pocket expenses for even these more serious events. Your agent can help you determine the right amount of coverage for your situation.

Affordable Coverage

Though umbrella policies provide extensive liability insurance, they are typically quite affordable. An umbrella policy picks up where your other coverage leaves off, reducing its premium costs. To provide the most seamless protection, speak with your agent about aligning your umbrella with your homeowners and auto insurance liability limits. Many policies will require your other policies to have a minimum limit; consult your agent if you need to make changes to your other policies.

Learn How to Protect Yourself!

In today’s litigious society, protecting your assets is essential. Accidents that cause multiple, serious, or permanent injuries can end up costing you millions of dollars in damages. Your Massachusetts homeowners and auto policies are not normally equipped to protect you from such serious events. With personal umbrella insurance, you can extend and broaden your coverage to be protected against many more potential situations.

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