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Pollution Liability Insurance in Massachusetts

Is Your Business Protected?

What is Pollution Liability Insurance?

For Massachusetts businesses that use chemicals within their regular operations, the potential of environmental contamination must be considered. The financial consequences could be financially devastating if a chemical were to leach or leak, unless a business has pollution liability insurance that covers the incident.

Pollution liability insurance is specialized commercial liability insurance that uniquely protects against chemical- and pollutant-related risks. Because the insurance is so specialized, it’s important to work with an agent who’s experienced with these types of policies when looking for coverage.

What Massachusetts Businesses Should Have Pollution Insurance?

Many businesses that use chemicals could potentially benefit from the protections that pollution insurance provides. The following are merely some examples of Massachusetts businesses that might want to carry this coverage:

  • Gas stations, which may have tanks of gasoline, diesel fuel and DEF
  • Fuel Suppliers, which may transport gasoline, diesel, heating oil or other fuels
  • Manufacturers, which may use chemical solvents during production
  • Contractors, which may use chemical-treated materials when building
  • Auto Repair Shops, which may use motor oils, coolants and other fluids
  • Pool Service Providers, which may use chlorine, shock treatments and stabilizers
  • Landscapers, which may use pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers

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What Coverages Does Pollution Insurance Make Available?

The coverages that are contained within pollution policies can be both varied and nuanced, because these policies are so specialized. So that they fully understand a particular policy’s protections, businesses should review the policy with a knowledgeable insurance agent.]

Depending on the terms, conditions and exclusions of a particular pollution insurance policy, it might provide coverage for the following sorts of claims:

  • Legal fees and settlements arising from pollution-related lawsuits
  • Cleanup costs for property that was contaminated by a previous owner
  • Cleanup cost for contamination that occurs due to routine operations
  • Cleanup costs that are legally mandated following an abnormal incident

How Are Environmental Impact Liability Insurance and Pollution Insurance Different?

Environmental impact liability policies and pollution policies both provide environmental-related protections, but they usually have significant differences in the level of protection that they afford.

Environmental impact liability policies are usually used by businesses that need a lot of protection. Businesses that could face major consequences, such as those that transport large quantities of chemicals, typically buy these policies.

Pollution policies tend to be more well-suited for businesses that have comparatively smaller risk exposures. A landscaper’s pesticides or a gas station’s fuel tank could leach into nearby soil or water, but they’re unlikely to cause massive damage across a wide swath of territory.


What Factors Affect Pollution Liability Policies’ Premiums?

Pollution liability policies’ premiums are based on many factors, often including the following:

  • What chemicals are used
  • How close by communities are
  • How chemicals are disposed of
  • What industry a business is in

Chosen limits and a business’ claims history frequently also impact rates. 

To find out precisely how much insurance will cost in a given situation, businesses can consult with an independent insurance agent. Independent agents are able to request policy quotes from multiple insurance companies in the state, which makes it easy to compare different policies’ rates and protections.

How is Pollution Liability Coverage Purchased?

Pollution liability coverage can be purchased on its own, but it’s more frequently acquired as part of a package policy. Many commercial package policies offer this coverage alongside other common coverages that businesses may need.

Where Can Massachusetts Businesses Get Pollution Liability Insurance?

For assistance with finding pollution liability insurance in Massachusetts, contact us at Roger Butler Insurance. Our independent insurance agents have worked with many businesses that need this coverage, and we have the expertise necessary to help you. With our assistance, you can be confident that your business is well protected against pollution-related risks.


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