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What is Private School Insurance?

Operating a private school requires a significant amount of resources and comes with a significant amount of risk. In order to protect themselves and their resources, private schools in Massachusetts generally should have private school insurance.

Private school insurance is a specialized commercial insurance that’s designed for private schools. In order to offer schools multiple protections, these policies normally come as package policies that bundle coverages together.

How Much Are Premiums for Private School Policies?

Private school policies aren’t cheap, but they tend to fit within school budgets. A school’s campus size, number of students, age of students, number of teachers, bus service and extracurricular programs are merely a few of the factors that can affect policy premiums.

In some cases, schools may be able to get a premium discount for being a small school, not having buses, not having high-risk athletics or installing sprinklers. The particular actions that qualify for a premium reduction will depend on what discounts a particular insurer offers.

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What Organizations in Massachusetts Need School Insurance?

The vast majority of private schools in Massachusetts should have school insurance, and this generally includes elementary, secondary, technical and other private schools. The exact type of policy that schools need varies, however:

  • Non-Religious Private Schools: Secular private schools tend to need the most basic form of school insurance. What programs are offered and school size are two primary factors that affect this type of policy.
  • Arts and Technical Private Schools: Secular private schools that specialize in the arts or technical vocations may need special coverages if students are exposed to potentially dangerous materials or equipment. Other than this consideration, these schools’ insurance needs tend to be like most other non-religious schools.
  • Religious Private Schools: Religious schools may be able to combine commercial property insurance with an attached church, synagogue or other place of worship if they share a space. Other coverages normally can’t be combined, though. Also, religious schools might want additional umbrella insurance due to the legal situations that can develop in religious settings.
  • Charter Schools: Charter schools have many of the same needs as other non-religious private schools. Directors and officers coverage (D&O coverage) is often especially important when insuring a charter school, though, because the public charter usually clearly outlines leadership’s responsibilities. Should someone sue over a leadership decision, board members or other high-level personnel may want this protection.

What Coverages Does School Insurance Come With?

Exactly what coverages are included in a school insurance policy can vary, but there are many coverages that a policy might contain. Most of these can be segregated into property or liability coverages, with the first normally protecting assets and the second usually guarding against third-party lawsuits.

Private school policies frequently make the following property coverages available:

Private school policies normally make the following liability coverages available:

There are many other coverages in addition to these that schools might want to consider. An insurance agent who specializes in private school policies can assist with coverage selection.

How Can Schools in Massachusetts Get Private School Insurance?

For help insuring a private school in Massachusetts, contact the independent agents of Roger Butler Insurance. Our insurance agents can show you private school insurance policy options from several insurers, and we have the expertise necessary to help you select whichever policy is best for your school.

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