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Restaurant Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Restaurant Insurance?

After putting in so much work, no restaurant owner wants their business to fail due to an accident or property damage. Massachusetts restaurant insurance can help financially protect your business against many costly situations.

Why Do you Need Restaurant Insurance?

A restaurant is a risky place, with sharp utensils, liquid spills, and open flames, in addition to the risks common to all Massachusetts businesses, such as theft and storm damage. For many restaurants, a single accident can be enough to seriously jeopardize your business. Restaurant insurance packages can help combine all the insurance you need for a broad spectrum of protection against situations common to restaurants, helping your business to succeed even when accidents occur.

Restaurants are a unique type of business, and may face risks that other businesses do not. With some industry-specific options, your insurance package can be tailored to your individual needs.

- Liquor Liability Insurance helps to cover the costs of lawsuits associated with damages caused by an inebriated patron.

- Commercial Auto Insurance helps to cover autos associated with your restaurant, such as delivery vehicles.

- Food Contamination Insurance helps to cover the costs of lost inventory if your food is contaminated due to a power loss.

- Loss of Business Insurance can help cover lost income due to certain covered situations


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What does a restaurant insurance policy Include?

Because a restaurant is a business, a restaurant package policy begins with the same basic insurance coverage other businesses need. These are designed to protect against the most common risks that businesses in MA face.

- Property Damage Coverage helps to pay for repairs and replacement of the building structure and contents when a fire, storm damage, theft, or other covered loss occurs.

- General Liability Insurance helps cover the expenses of medical costs, property damages, and lawsuits when a customer is injured or their property damaged on your property or due to your actions.

- Workers Compensation Insurance is required in MA for all businesses with employees to cover medical expenses and salary compensation when an employee is inured on the job.

- Business Interruption Insurance helps to cover the costs you incur if your business has to temporarily close due to a covered situation.

Restaurant Insurance Options

Budget-Friendly Coverage

Insurance is important, helping you to avoid large out-of-pocket expenses when losses and accidents occur. However, it’s important to get coverage you can afford. Many MA restaurants qualify to purchase a business owners policy, which combines basic insurance coverage into an affordable package policy. This can then be customized with other insurance policies, helping to create a convenient and affordable comprehensive restaurant package.

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Your insurance agent can also advise you of any premium discounts available. Safe work environments, employee training, and other factors can drastically reduce your premium costs.

Running a restaurant requires careful planning and hard work. With restaurant insurance, you can be financially protected against many of the risks you face. Massachusetts restaurant owners should speak with an insurance agent to be sure they have proper coverage for the many situations that could arise.


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