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Roofing Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Roofing Insurance?

Installing new roofs and repairing damaged ones can be lucrative work, but the work comes with a substantial amount of risk. Roofing businesses are exposed to property, liability and other perils every day their employees go to work. Roofing insurance helps protect roofers in Massachusetts from many of the perils they face.

Roofing insurance is a specialized type of commercial insurance that uniquely meets the insurance needs of roofers. Most policies are package policies, combining multiple individual coverages in one convenient policy that offers robust protection.

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What Massachusetts Businesses Need Roofers Insurance?

The vast majority of businesses that offer roofing installation and/or repair services in Massachusetts ought to carry insurance. This includes, but isn’t necessarily limited to, the following roofing businesses:

  • Residential roofing companies
  • Commercial roofing companies
  • Companies specializing in metal, slate or tile roofs

In some cases, businesses may have trouble securing jobs if they don’t carry insurance. Some homeowners and many commercial customers won’t hire roofers who are uninsured.

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What Coverages Do Roofers Insurance Policies Make Available?

There isn’t a single set of protections that every roofers insurance policy provides, but there are several coverages that policies commonly make available if businesses want them. Some coverages that roofing businesses might want are:

In addition to these protections, roofing businesses might also want builders risk coverage, commercial umbrella coverage and other coverages. An insurance agent who’s familiar with the risks that roofs face can help roofers make informed coverage selections when purchasing a roofers insurance policy.

Do Roofing Businesses Need Bonds?

Municipalities commonly require roofing contractors to carry bonds before they can offer roofing installation or repair services within the municipality’s jurisdiction. Additionally, some customers (especially commercial customers) may only hire roofers who are bonded.

Roofing businesses that need bonds should speak with a knowledgeable insurance agent about the options that are available. Many insurance companies offer bonds, and agents who assist with roofers policies can usually also help with procuring bonds.

Do Roofers Need an Uninsured Sub Endorsement?

Uninsured sub endorsements generally aren’t required by law, but they can provide roofing businesses with important protections. Most roofing businesses that hire subcontractors ought to consider getting this type of endorsement.

Should a subcontractor cause severe property damage or personal injury, the hiring roofer could be held responsible for any damages. An uninsured sub endorsement may cover the cost of such damages.

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How Much Do Roofing Policies Cost?

Insurance companies base roofing policies’ rates on many factors, so the premiums roofers pay frequently vary. In most cases, however, coverage is available at an affordable price. Paying for a policy is almost certainly more affordable than facing a major disaster or lawsuit with no protection in place.

How Can Roofers in Massachusetts Get Roofing Insurance?

For help insuring a roofing business that’s in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at Roger Butler Insurance. Our agents are able to compare roofing insurance policies from different insurers in the state, and they have the expertise necessary to help you select a policy that has the coverages your business needs.

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