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What is Salon & Barber Insurance?

The hairdressing industry can be a personally rewarding and financially profitable career path, but the work comes with certain inherent risks. One way that Massachusetts hairdressers can help protect themselves from risks is by purchasing salon & barber insurance.

Salon & barber insurance is a specialized commercial insurance that’s designed to meet the needs of hairdressers and similar professionals. In order to offer protection against several risks, these policies typically come as package policies that bundle coverages together.

What Massachusetts Professionals Need Hair Salon Insurance?

Most hairdressers, hairstylists and barbers who work in Massachusetts ought to consider purchasing hair salon insurance. Almost no one in the industry is entirely risk-free, and not purchasing insurance can leave a professional or business dangerously exposed to risk.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Home-Based Hairdressers?

Homeowners insurance might be adapted to cover some home-based businesses, but it usually won’t provide all of the protection that hairdressers need. Because homeowners insurance usually offers limited protection at best, hairdressers who work out of their own house should still consider purchasing an actual hairdressers policy. 

An informed agent can assist with reviewing a home-based hairdresser’s situation and determining what type of policy is needed.

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What Protections Does Hair Salon Insurance Offer?

The majority of coverages that hair salon insurance can be categorized as either property or liability protections. 

Property protections normally insure assets that a professional or business owns. Should assets be damaged or destroyed in a covered incident, these protections may help repair or replace the asset. Common property coverages that hairdressers might want are:

  • Building Coverage, which may protect a salon-owned facility
  • Contents Coverage, which may protect a hairdresser’s supplies and equipment

Liability protections usually insure against situations where a third party could sue for damages or other losses. In the event of a covered lawsuit or claim, these coverages typically help with attorney fees, court fees and settlements. Some common liability coverages to consider are:

There are still more coverages that salons and hairdressers might want, depending on their situation. An insurance agent who’s familiar with this insurance can help review all available coverage options and select the ones that make sense in a given situation.

Do Hairdressers Who Work at Salons Need Their Own Insurance?

Hairdressers who work at a salon’s booth might receive some insurance coverage from the salon, but not all salon-based hairdressers are covered and those that are may only get limited protections. Whether a salon’s insurance is sufficient or a hairdresser should purchase their own policy is situationally dependent.

Again, this is a scenario where an informed insurance agent’s guidance can be extremely helpful.

How Much Are Premiums for Salon & Barber Policies?

Premiums for salon & barber policies are affected by many factors. The type of business structure, space used, services offered, location and past insurance claim history are merely some of the details that can impact cost. 

Despite the variances in premiums for these policies, however, they tend to be affordable. Even the more expensive policies are usually much less than what a major claim could cost.

How Can Hairdressers in Massachusetts Get Salon & Barber Insurance?

For assistance with purchasing salon & barber insurance, talk with the independent insurance agents at Roger Butler Insurance. Our Massachusetts agents have the expertise necessary to help you review your particular situation, and they’ll make sure you find a policy that provides solid protection.

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