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Septic Installers and Cleaners Insurance in Massachusetts

Is Your Business Protected?

What is Septic Installers and Cleaners Insurance?

Working on septic tanks can be financially lucrative, but the work comes with certain risks that businesses should prepare for. Purchasing septic installers and cleaners insurance is one way for Massachusetts businesses in the industry to shield themselves from a variety of property- and liability-related risks that they’re exposed to.

Septic installers and cleaners insurance is specialized commercial insurance for businesses in the septic industry. To meet the multiple risk mitigation needs that these businesses usually have, most policies are package policies that combine different coverages together.

What Massachusetts Businesses Should Have a Septic Cleaners Policy?

The majority of Massachusetts businesses that service septic systems ought to carry a septic cleaners policy. Forgoing insurance can have devastating (and potentially business-ending) consequences if there’s an incident, and this is normally the most appropriate type of insurance for these businesses.

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What Perfections Do Septic Cleaners Policies Make Available?

The protections that septic cleaners policies offer can vary, but most provide a combination of liability and property coverages. The former of these usually safeguard against situations where a business might be held responsible for harm, while the latter typically protect a business’ assets.

Some of the liability coverages that policies might offer include:

Some of the property coverages that policies might offer include:

There are still more coverages that policies might offer. An insurance agent who specializes in this commercial insurance can help septic businesses explore all of the coverages that may be of interest to them.

Do Septic Businesses Need Workers Compensation?

Most septic businesses have employees, and Massachusetts businesses that have employees are generally required to carry workers compensation. Workers comp is an insurance that normally protects against workplace illnesses and injuries -- both of which are concerns when working on septic systems.

Whether these policies include workers compensation is policy-dependent, however. Sometimes the coverage is purchased alongside other septic coverages, and other times workers comp is procured via a separate policy.

How Much Do Septic Cleaners Policies Cost?

Premiums for septic cleaners policies vary, because they’re based on a multitude of factors. A business’ location, service area, annual sales, vehicles and past claims history are merely some of the factors that can impact cost. Of course, the chosen coverages, deductibles and limits also directly impact price.

To find out how much insurance will cost in a particular situation, septic businesses ought to speak with an independent insurance agent. Unlike captive agents that have a special arrangement with one insurance company, independent agents act apart from any single insurer. Independent agents are free to compare quotes from many policies, thus making it easy to see what insurance company offers the best price on the coverage combination that a business needs.

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Where Can Businesses Get Septic Installers and Cleaners Insurance?

For help finding septic installers and cleaners insurance in Massachusetts, contact us at Roger Butler Insurance. Our independent insurance agents will help you determine what coverages your septic business needs, and we’ll look at available policies to help you find the one that best meets your needs.

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