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Snow Plowing Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Snow Plowing Insurance?

Plowing parking lots, driveways and sidewalks of snow can be profitable work during the winter, but its work that comes with certain risks. Snow plowing insurance can help snow removal companies in Massachusetts protect themselves from many of the risks they face.

Snow plowing insurance is specialized commercial insurance for snow removal companies. The insurance usually comes as a package policy that contains multiple individual coverages, which allows these policies to protect against a range of potential perils.

What Businesses in Massachusetts Should Have Snow Plow Insurance?

Most Massachusetts businesses that provide customers with snow removal services should have snow plow insurance. This broadly encompasses businesses such as:

  • Commercial snow removal services
  • Residential snow removal services
  • Landscapers that provide winter snow removal services
  • Pickup truck owners who plow at least a few driveways

If these businesses don't have insurance in place, they can be exposed to substantial risks. Snow removal insurance tends to be the best insurance solution for these businesses.

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Do Pickup Truck Owners Need Snow Plow Insurance When Clearing Neighbors' Driveways?

Clearing snow from neighbors' driveways can provide a somewhat complex situation with regard to insurance. Often, whether snow plow insurance is necessary depends on whether the neighbor pays for this service.

When neighbors pay for snow removal, the plowing may be considered a business transaction and a commercial snow plow policy is likely needed. This can include cash payments for the service even if the amount paid is below what a company would normally charge, and some payments in kind could also be construed as payments.

If commercial insurance is needed and no snow plow policy is in place, any damage to the pickup, damage to the neighbor's property or injury to a person might not be covered.

When neighbors don't pay for snow removal and it's done simply out of generosity, a commercial snow plow policy probably isn't needed. This usually won't be considered a business transaction.

Because there can be exceptions to these two general guidelines, pickup owners who plow their neighbors' driveways for free should speak with an insurance agent who specializes in snow plow policies. A knowledgeable agent will be able to review the pickup owner's situation and make an informed policy recommendation.

What Coverages Are Offered by a Snow Plow Insurance?

There are several coverages that snow plow insurance policies frequently offer. Some of the coverages that businesses may want to look for include:

While all of these coverages are important and should be reviewed in detail when purchasing a snow plow policy, the commercial auto coverage ought to be reviewed especially carefully. Plow trucks are regularly driven in undesirable situations, such as during storms and at night. This puts them at greater risk of being in an accident and thus, auto coverage becomes extremely important.

An insurance agent who's familiar with snow plow policies can help businesses review a particular policy's commercial auto coverage to make sure it provides all necessary protections. Of course, an agent can assist with all other coverages.

How Can Massachusetts Snow Removal Companies Get Good Snow Plowing Insurance?

If you need help finding good snow plowing insurance, contact the independent insurance agents at Rodger Butler Insurance. Our Massachusetts agents will work closely with you to find a suitable policy, and you can be confident that they'll recommend the best available policy because we're able to show options from different insurance companies.

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