Sports and Fitness Insurance in Massachusetts

What Is Sports and Fitness Insurance?

Massachusetts fitness centers face multiple potential risks, including property, liability and other potential risks. Sports and fitness insurance helps centers safeguard themselves from lots of the perils that they’re exposed to.

Sports and fitness insurance policies are specially designed commercial insurance policies that meet the unique needs of fitness clubs. Most policies are designed as package policies and combine multiple individual coverages together to create a web of protection.

Is Your Business Protected?

What Businesses in Massachusetts Is Sports and Fitness Club Insurance Right For?

Fitness centers and similar businesses in Massachusetts generally can benefit from the protections offered by sports and fitness club insurance. Some specific other businesses that might want this type of policy include gyms, health clubs and indoor sports arenas.

Businesses that aren’t sure whether this or some other kind of insurance best meets their needs should talk with an insurance agent who specializes in these policies. A specialized agent will be able to provide informed advice based on a business’ specific situation.

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What Coverages Are Available Through Sports and Fitness Policies?

Many of the coverages made available through sports and fitness club policies can be categorized as either property or liability policies, although not all can. The former typically protect physical assets from covered perils, while the latter normally cover businesses against liability claims and lawsuits.

A few of the more commonly available property coverages that fitness clubs might need are:

  • Building Insurance, which may cover company-owned buildings and other fixtures
  • Tenants Betterment Insurance, which may cover improvements made to a leased space
  • Contents Insurance, which may cover company-owned equipment and supplies
  • Equipment Breakdown Insurance, which may cover essential equipment against breakdowns

A few of the more commonly available liability coverages that clubs might need are:

  • General Liability Insurance, which might cover common “slip-and-fall” accidents and false advertising lawsuits
  • Participant Liability Insurance, which might insure against injuries that activity participants sustain
  • Spectator Liability Insurance, which might insure against injuries that spectators sustain
  • Product Liability Insurance, which might insure against injuries and damage caused by sold products
  • Professional Liability Insurance, which might insure against work-related errors made by employee trainers and coaches
  • Umbrella Liability Insurance, which might add a supplemental liability protection

Business interruption insurance, which generally covers revenue losses that follow certain disasters, is another coverage to consider.

(Exact coverages often vary from one policy to another. An informed agent can help clubs find a policy that has the right coverages for the club’s particular situation.)

Are High-Risk Sports Covered by Sports and Fitness Club Insurance?

Some sports and fitness club policies extend coverages to high-risk activities, but not all do. Fitness clubs that sponsor high-risk activities should work with an agent to find a policy that will cover the activities they offer.

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Is Workers Compensation Coverage Included in Sports and Fitness Policies?

Most fitness clubs have employees and are required by state law to carry workers compensation coverage for their employees. Sports and fitness policies, however, frequently don’t include this coverage among their many options. Instead, workers compensation is usually procured through a separate policy.

How Can Fitness Clubs in Massachusetts Get a Sports and Fitness Insurance Policy?

For help insuring a fitness club or similar business, talk to the independent Massachusetts insurance agents of Roger Butler Insurance. Our team members have helped lots of clubs find a sports and fitness insurance policy that meets their needs, and we can likely do the same for your business. Since we’re independent, our agents are free to recommend the most suitable policies regardless of what insurance company offers them.

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