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What is Sports Team Insurance?

Team sports are pervasive throughout the United States, and most children begin playing them at a young age. Despite their prevalence, however, team sports are not without risks. Sports team insurance helps provide Massachusetts teams and organizations with protection against covered risks that they face.

Sports team insurance is a specific commercial insurance that’s designed for sports organizations. In order to give organizations the protections that they need, most of these policies are package policies that have multiple coverages in them.

What Massachusetts Organizations Need Youth Sports Insurance?

The vast majority of Massachusetts youth sports organizations ought to consider purchasing youth sports insurance. This includes (but isn’t necessarily limited to):

  • Regional youth sports associations
  • Local youth sports leagues
  • Travel sports teams
  • Youth sports teams

Some higher-level sports organizations may also find that a youth sports insurance policy is well-suited for them. Professional, semi-professional and college teams sometimes need similar coverages, and a youth sports team policy might be right in these situations. An insurance agent who specializes in these policies can help higher-level organizations decide whether this or another type of coverage is better for them.

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Do Sports Facilities Need a Sports Team Policy?

Stadiums, gymnasiums and other sports facilities might want to include sports team coverage within their broader insurance portfolio, especially if a facility sponsors a league or team. In general, however, these policies don’t provide all of the protections that a facility needs. Facilities that require extensive property protections should work with an agent to find a solution that’s better fits their situation.  

What Coverages Are Included in Youth Sports Insurance Policies?

The coverages that are included in youth sports insurance policies can vary, but many policies make certain coverages available. Some of the more widely available protections are:

Sports associations and teams that own their own vehicles also typically need commercial auto coverage.

How Much Are Premiums for Sports Team Policies?

Sports team policy premiums are calculated based on several factors, so they vary from one policy to the next. In most cases, however, this form of commercial insurance is quite affordable.

For a comparison of customized quotes, organizations can speak with an independent insurance agent. Independent agents are able to request quotes from several insurance companies in the state, and those quotes can be tailored to an organization’s liking.

Do Sports Organizations Need Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation generally protects against workplace injuries and illnesses, and most organizations that have employees are required to carry the protection. In some cases, volunteer organizations might still want the coverage as well.

Thus, many sports organizations either need or should consider carrying workers compensation. Whether this coverage is found within a youth sports policy depends on the specifics of a policy, though. The coverage is sometimes included in these package policies, and other times it’s purchased separately through a standalone policy.

An insurance agent who’s familiar with sports team policies should be able to assist with finding workers compensation.

Where Can Massachusetts Sports Organizations Get Sports Team Insurance?

For help insuring a sports organization that’s in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at Roger Butler Insurance. Our team will work with you to identify the precise coverages your organization needs, and then we’ll help you compare policies that offer those coverages. With our assistance, you can be confident in the sports team insurance policy that you ultimately select.

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