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Storage Unit Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Storage Unit Insurance?

Moving belongings into a storage unit presents some unique risks, and standard homeowners or renters insurance may not cover this sort of situation. Instead, Massachusetts residents who put belongings into a storage unit may have to purchase storage unit insurance to protect their belongings.

Storage unit insurance is a special form of personal insurance, and it’s designed to protect property in a fairly specific situation. Because this is a specialized insurance, anyone who needs a storage unit policy should work with an agent who’s familiar with this type of insurance when comparing quotes and choosing a policy. A knowledgeable agent will be familiar with the risks that using a storage unit presents and what protections these policies offer against those risks.


Who in Massachusetts Needs a Storage Unit Policy?

Broadly speaking, any Massachusetts residents who temporarily or permanently keep belongings in storage units might want a storage unit policy to protect their belongings. This may include people who:

  • Move and temporarily need a storage unit to hold their belongings
  • Downsize and need a storage unit to hold items they now don’t have room for
  • Use a storage unit to keep seasonal items
  • Keep excess belongings in a storage unit on a long-term basis

A storage unit policy might be used to protect belongings in a fixed storage unit or in a portable storage unit, such as those that are commonly used during some moves.

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Do Moving Companies Provide Insurance for Stored Belongings?

When a moving company that uses portable storage units is hired, the insurance that they provide should be reviewed carefully. While some companies might provide insurance, not all companies do and those that do might only offer minimal coverage. Moreover, contracts with these companies may remove liability from the company if belongings are damaged in certain situations.

If a moving company doesn’t provide sufficient protection for belongings that are stored in a portable storage unit, a storage unit policy can fill in this coverage gap. Since the type and amount of coverage can often be selected by the policyholder when getting this type of policy, it’s much easier to tailor coverage to a particular situation and person’s needs.

Do Homeowners and Renters Insurance Cover Belongings in Storage Units?

Whether belongings that are kept in a storage unite are covered by homeowners or renters insurance depends on the terms of a particular homeowners or renters policy. 

Some of these policies may offer coverage for belongings almost anywhere those belongings are, but others have more restrictive personal property protections. For example, some homeowners and renters policies may only cover belongings when they’re on an insured premises. Or, these policies might provide only a limited amount of coverage if belongings aren’t on an insured premises.

Again, a storage unit policy can likely be used to fill in any gaps for stored belongings that homeowners or renters insurance leaves. An insurance agent can help look through these policies and any coverage provided by a storage company to identify potential gaps.

How Expensive Are Storage Unit Policies?

Premiums for storage unit policies vary, but they tend to be affordable. Premiums for short-term policies that are only in effect during a move are quite low, and rates for policies that offer longer durations of coverage usually still don’t cost a lot. An independent insurance agent can help find out exactly how much a policy will be by comparing multiple quotes.

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How Can Massachusetts Residents Get Storage Unit Insurance?

For help finding storage unit insurance in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at Roger Butler Insurance. Our agents have the expertise needed to help you assess what coverage you need, and they can show you policy options from various insurers that meet those needs. With our assistance, you can feel confident that your belongings are well-protected while they’re in storage

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