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Tree Service Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Tree Service Insurance?

Servicing trees comes with inherent risks, including personal, property and liability risks. Purchasing tree service insurance is one way that arborists in Massachusetts can financially protect themselves from some of the risks that they face.

Tree service insurance is a specialized commercial insurance that’s designed specifically to suit the needs of arborists and their businesses. Because arborists face multiple risks, these insurance policies typically come as package policies that have several coverages within them.

What Massachusetts Businesses Need Arborist Insurance?

Most Massachusetts tree service businesses can likely benefit from the protections that arborist insurance affords. This includes (but isn’t limited to) businesses that offer the following services:

  • Tree removal
  • Tree pruning and trimming
  • Tree pest management
  • Municipal tree care
  • Landscaping services
  • Hardscaping services

Moreover, businesses in this line of work generally should have insurance regardless of how large or small they are. Both statewide companies and individual sole proprietorships can face claims and need protection. Even individuals who provide tree services part-time should probably consider purchasing a policy.

An insurance agent who specializes in arborist insurance can help businesses decide whether this insurance is appropriate for their situation, and what specific arborist policy to get if insurance is deemed necessary.

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What Coverages Do Arborist Insurance Policies Make Available?

Although most arborist policies come with multiple coverages, exactly what those coverages are can vary. Businesses frequently have the option to choose from a combination of standard and optional protections, which partly gives rise to the differences in policies’ coverages. Some of the protections that businesses might want to look for in a policy are:

Errors and omissions coverage is frequently shortened to “E&O coverage.”

Do Tree Service Policies Provide Workers Compensation Coverage?

Workers compensation normally protects against workplace injuries that employees sustain, which isn’t something that general liability typically covers. Workers compensation is usually required by law if a business has employees, and it’s often prudent to carry regardless. In the tree service industry, where workers are at significant risk of potential injury, the coverage is particularly important.

Whether workers compensation is available within a tree service policy depends on the policy, as some policies make it available but others don’t. When the coverage isn’t included in a tree service policy, it can be easily purchased via a separate policy that provides just the one coverage. An insurance agent can help find a suitable stand-alone policy if needed.

How Much Are Tree Service Policies’ Premiums?

Premiums for tree service policies are based on a number of different factors, and they often vary as a result. A business’ location, type of tree work, size and other considerations can all impact how much a policy costs.

Despite variances among policies’ premiums, coverage tends to be quite affordable. An independent insurance agent can help businesses compare quotes from different insurers to find out how much a policy will cost in their situation.

How Can Massachusetts Arborists Get Tree Service Insurance?

For help finding tree service insurance in Massachusetts, contact Roger Butler Insurance. Our independent insurance agents can help you compare different policy options that are available to your arborist business, and we’ll work with you to identify which one is best for your needs.

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