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Vacation Home Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Vacation Home Insurance?

Vacation homes in Massachusetts offer relaxing places to get away and play, but these properties come with certain risks that should be protected against. If you own a cabin in the woods, house in the mountains or cottage on the shore, vacation home insurance can help protect your second (or third) home from a variety of covered perils.

Vacation home insurance is a special type of property insurance that’s specifically designed to protect second homes. In order to protect these properties from multiple potential perils, most vacation home policies are package policies that come with several coverages. Policyholders can often adjust the coverages in their policy to suit their property’s particular needs.


Who in Massachusetts Needs Second Home Insurance?

Broadly speaking, anyone who owns a second home in Massachusetts can likely benefit from the protections that second home insurance affords. This includes both people who have summer homes and those who have winter homes, and it includes everything from houses on the coastline to cottages in the country.

Vacation home owners who have a loan on their second mortgage are often required by the terms of their mortgage to carry insurance on the property, and even those who don’t have any such requirement generally should still have insurance in place. Losing a second home or even having items stolen from it could be devastating, and few people could afford to recover from a major disaster without incurring a substantial financial setback.

Moreover, out-of-state residents who own a vacation home within the state usually still need to procure second home insurance through a Massachusetts agency. Insurance is largely governed on a state-by-state basis, and property policies typically have to be issued by an insurer that operates in the state where the insured property is located.

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What Coverages Does Second Home Insurance Provide?

Second home insurance might not provide the same level of protection as your primary homeowners insurance policy does, but most second home policies still make several important protections available. Depending on a policy’s terms and conditions, it might offer:

  • Liability Coverage, which may protect against accidents that occur on the property and result in injury to someone else
  • Structure Coverage, which may protect against damage to the second home itself and secondary structures
  • Contents Coverage, which may protect belongings that are kept in the vacation home or on the property

What coverages you need and what each coverage’s limits should be set to depend on your own situation and the protections that your other insurance policies provide. An insurance agent who specializes in second home policies can help you evaluate the applicable variables and determine which coverages you need most.

Do Vacation Home Policies Cover Water Damage?

Water damage caused by flooding or unusual wave activity is a major concern in many shoreline locations, and it’s often not covered by standard vacation home policies. Where this risk is a concern, vacation home owners can usually get coverage for floods and some other unusual water-related incidents through flood insurance. An agent who’s familiar with vacation home policies can also likely assist with flood policies.

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Do Vacation Home Policies Cover Renting Properties?

Standard vacation home policies may not cover short-term or seasonal rentals, for renting a vacation home in this way generally transforms the home into an investment property. Property owners who want to supplement their income in this way, however, can typically add onto an existing vacation home policy or get a landlord policy that offers them the projections they need.

How Can Property Owners Get Vacation Home Insurance?

For help insuring a vacation home in Massachusetts, contact the agents of Roger Butler Insurance. Our independent insurance agents have helped many property owners in the state find vacation home insurance, and we’re ready to assist you.

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