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Wedding Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Wedding Insurance?

A bride and groom’s wedding day is one of the most special days in their life. It’s a day where everything is supposed to be perfect. Occasionally, however, accidents happen on wedding days. Wedding insurance helps protect Massachusetts couples from potential wedding day mishaps and accidents.

Wedding insurance is a specialized form of event insurance that’s designed for people hosting weddings. Policies are normally purchased by the party hosting the wedding, which may be the couple getting married or another person who’s paying for the celebration.


Most wedding policies can be separated into two groups: wedding postponement or cancellation insurance policies, and wedding liability insurance policies. A couple or person might get one or both types of policies.

Wedding postponement or cancellation policies are primarily used to protect the money that people spend on weddings. If a wedding is canceled or postponed, this type of policy may reimburse the policyholder for any deposits they’ve paid, and it might pay the remaining balances on any wedding expenses that are due. With $35,329 being spent on the average wedding in 2016, the protections that this type of policy offers can be significant.

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Types of Coverages

In addition to offering protection for deposits and outstanding balances if a wedding is postponed or canceled, these policies sometimes also offer protection if something goes wrong with part of the wedding. Some examples of these types of coverages include:

  • Wedding Photographer and Videographer Coverage, which might provide funds for getting the wedding party together again if there’s a problem with the photos or videos taken on the wedding day
  • Cake or Catering Coverage, which might cover the cost of ordering a cake or food at the last minute if the contracted baker or caterer doesn’t make it to the wedding
  • Special Attire Coverage, which may provide protection for tuxedos and gowns that are damaged or lost prior to the wedding day
  • Military Service Coverage, which may offer reimbursements if the bride or groom is called to duty

Wedding liability insurance policies help protect policyholders from covered accidents in which they’re held responsible for any injury or damage that’s sustained. Even if a host isn’t directly involved in an incident, they might still be found financially liable for injuries or damages that others suffer during their event. A few coverages that wedding liability insurance policies might offer are:

  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage, which may cover injuries people sustain
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage, which might cover property that’s damaged
  • Liquor Liability Coverage, which may cover alcohol-related incidents

Who in Massachusetts Should Consider Getting a Wedding Policy?

Anyone who is hosting a wedding in Massachusetts may want to consider purchasing a wedding policy to protect their financial investment in the event and themselves during the event. People who are considered hosts can include:

  • The couple getting married
  • Anyone who is named on the wedding invitations
  • Anyone who is paying for a portion or all of the event
  • The owner of the property where the wedding is held (if it’s at a private residence)

How Can Hosts Get Wedding Insurance?

People hosting a wedding in Massachusetts can get help finding wedding insurance by contacting a Roger Butler Insurance agent. Independent agents can help assess hosts’ insurance needs and find policies that provide they coverages hosts require. They’re able to help most people who are having a wedding in the state, regardless of whether they live within or outside of Massachusetts. 

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